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Apparently there is a 200 turn limit in the Wilderness Missions expansion for Incubation. Once you hit the 200 mark you'll be dumped back at the mission selection screen and have to restart the mission again. I've been trying to slog my way through the third mission in WM and I'm almost to the exit when the 200 turn mark is reached. Is there any way around this limitation? I hope so as this third mission is murder!
..yeah,the addon is harder than the original game,but anyway,200 turns to complete one level? gotta be kidding me.

I doubt you can turn the limit off-you will either have to load an older save and try to complete the objectives faster,or restart the mission..if you are desperate,you can try hexediting the savegame,but finding the value for turn and changing it won't be easy.
Thanks for the reply. I'll try restarting the mission. It looks like I can skip over some of the areas in that mission and go straight for the area that leads to the exit instead. Most of the turns were used up when I had to split up my squad to draw some of the jumping Pyr Coo away while the rest of the squad rushed in to destroy the spawning areas.