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Could please anyone tell me in more detail the story of the Battle Isle 3 (aka Battle Isle 2220). Or point me to a page where it is described, I have been unable to find one.

I had played the game a long time ago and remember being annoyed by the story, I'd rather play for the Drulls. I recall the emperor had started to be annoying, various factions emerging, an enemy general in a funny raining coat.

Drulls suppress Kai.
Kai rise up with the help of the Emperor (ex machina).
You are the Kai leader and will conquer the capital Hallwa and (in the end) even dispose of the Emperor.
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I recall some other factions arising - Imperial Kai and whatever. I got fed up with the game when I became clear I'd rather fight for the "oppressive" Drulls than mad machine Emperor :)
Yes, but only the Empire gets the cool Praetorian units. ;)