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Hi guys - When using the custom winmm.dll from one of the other threads here I've found that the music stops looping after a while into a mission. Sometimes going back to the main menu 'kicks' the music off again.

I'm running in 3dfx mode and have also updated nGlide from 1.3 to 1.5, as 1.3 was causing some tearing issues, (with v-sync forced)

I have a Daemon Tools virtual drive installed with drive letter D:

I've tried all compatibility modes - Windows 95 compatibility mode seems to allow the looping to continue, however the music then stutters.

Any ideas?

Windows 10 x64 (AU applied)
Post edited December 07, 2016 by TEknen
Any ideas guys?

Not been able to figure out why the music stops looping as of yet.