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The story of this mission is that you've been lead into a trap--a huge wilderness map with just a few units. You're supposed to find an airport.


Ok, so I found the airport in the bottom of the map...but I can't get to it without going through a heavily fortified position, or going around that position. Going around leads to a green factory. In the meanwhile, ANOTHER factory, farther north, keeps sending harrassing units. You really can't just ignore it. So, in taking the two factories and working my way around the first fortified position, I run out of time to finish the mission!!!!

There's no artillery available. The closest thing I have is my initial buggy plus any I can make, and my initial Sting. Moving along in this map burns a lot of fuel, and the Algol/Alcor units are very slow since the area is heavily forested.

Am I missing something?
you need to go around the fortifications obviously. i'm not sure how much time you have since it's been a while since i played it.

you can either take the path past the factory in the middle. you take all your your units that way. you can capture the factory but keep moving right until you find a path to the south.

or you take the path that is more south of the factory but you'll have to cross the lake/swamp north of the fortification. you can only take a small amount of units with you that way. i suggest you take the 2 trolls, your sting and your buggy to fill up your vader. since you can't take your algol and arcor you have to be careful not to waste any ammo and fuel from that point on. but there is a city/village in the bottom rigth you can use to refuel/repair.

p.s.: you can always save, reduce the difficulty to training, move unit, then be able to see the whole map and reload. that may be considered cheating but your already adking for help.