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johanafm: Crashes on save are less frequent. But if the game crashes on save, it seems to keep crashing on load every time you relaunch the game again. I've tried to load not only the same game, but other saved games as well, up to 7 times in a row with a resulting crash every time.

But once it's been left alone for a while, loading any game works fine again. Looking at the Event Log or whatever it's called in english, the most common culprit seems to be wdmaud.drv, with the occasional appearance of glide2x.dll. I don't understand why it would make any difference by waiting while doing other stuff before trying again, but it certainly seems to be the case. And do note that this does not involve rebooting, just commong usage.

Incubation is running under Windows 8 on a GeForce GTX 670M, with driver version (320.49-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql).

Thankful for any suggestions
Please send all that information along with your DxDiag to our Support department, please. We'll do what we can to see if we can't get this solved for you. Thanks :D