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hi everybody,

i am becoming mad, hard not to throw my PC through the window...!!!
Impossible to play with the mouse, impossible to select human VS computer.
I read the discussion about the same pb, i tried to select first and than "conra" code but impossible to enter it , first always come back !!
ARGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please, save my mental health ...
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Hmm... That's odd - I know perfectly well that it doesn't allow you to alter the settings from "Human Vs Human" on two-player maps (though the reasons behind this I still can't quite fathom), and FIRST is the first of those... Odd that it's refusing CONRA, though - it should be entered by pressing return once over the code FIRST, then typing the code CONRA, then pressing return again.

The Disk menu's got a Mouse settings page, though if you're using DosBOX (which should come with the GOG version) you'll need to click once more in the window to get it to work - in game you can use F7 and F8 to enable/disable the mouse and to cycle through sensitivity, respectively.