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I get an error message when i want to save the setting or start the game in the Graphic mode setup.exe.
The error is:
Error: Game not installed

I Have the Battle Isle Platinum

please help

My knowledge of installation issues for this version is a bit less useful due to owning an old copy of the boxed version of Battle Isle Platinum, but I'll see what I can do - however, can you clarify which of the games you're trying to run?
Only BI3 and Incubation can by started - all other BI need the DOSBox
From the games I have installed, I believe this Graphic Mode Setup program is also connected with DosBox somehow - if you didn't install it during setup, then that would probably explain why it's giving you the error message. This program shouldn't affect BI3 or Incubation, however.
I have the same problem. Installed Battle Isle Platinum ( and DosBox, but still the same error : Game not installed, if I try to change resolution settings and want to save it or launch the game.

Update: The same problem with Ultima 7: Error: Game not installed.
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On which drive did you install it? BI3 had some issues when not installed on C:\ in the past, so the problem could be there

Battle Isle configures itself on behalf what it finds, but since it can't recognize any newer hardware it can't create the file setup is trying to make

And, by the way, while the setup is a Dos programm if I remember correct, Battle isle 3 is a pure Windows game and won't run under Dos or Dosbox
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