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The problem occures from level 3 (level code AMGEFIN). After playing for a while the game hangs and the display gets full of colored squares and then white horizontal lines . There's nothing to do than a brute shutdown of Dosbox. Starting from level 4 by entering this level doesn't help because this bug occures on every level from level 3. It's quite annoying for me because BI2 and specially titan's legacy is the prefered BI of my father and i bought this pack as a present for him as easy to use. Anyone had or have this problem or know how to solve it? The system have the latest drivers forthe ati card and i'm is on windows 7 X64.
Thanks in advance
erratum: the hangs occure from level 4 (code HASENOL) and they are random in play time.
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diskers: The problem occures from level 3
Have you already contacted the official GOG support?