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Ok, here's an odd and obscure question.

I've been having fun with this pack. Now, one of the odd (and little known) facts about BI2 and BI3 is that there's a mission editor out there. It's a nasty old DOS thing (which you'll need to use DOSbox and a fair old bit of know-how to use), but it allows you to both customise the existing missions and create new ones from scratch. The editor works with BI2, Titan's Legacy and BI3.

However, while I've had no problem using the editor with the GOG version of BI3, I can't use it with BI2 - for the simple reason that the maps don't appear to be stored in the same format they were originally. So far as I can tell, they're all compressed up in a file called bi2.gog

Does anybody know if there's a way to extract the map files? Or some other work-around? I'd love to play around with the editor again.
So four years ago since your posting. I bought Battle Isle at GOG this days. Played the original in the 90's.

And I can tell you, how can you get the mission files in "Titans Legacy".

1. Use your own Dosbox.

2. C-Drive: mount C "C:\GOG Games\BI2\SCENERY"

3. D-Drive: imgmount D "C:\GOG Games\BI2\SCENERY\BI2scen.inst" -t iso -fs iso

Now you can find the mission.dat files at: "D:\BI2_SCEN\MIS\".

Copy the files in the MIS directory at "C:\MIS\"

Now you should be able to edit the files.

Give me about it, if you're going to be successful.