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The Dogster is one of 2 armored personnel carriers in the game and the manual denotes that this model allows the infantry riding in it to fire. However, I have tried several different methods of accomplishing this but canot seem to get them to actually fire. The closest I get is to reveal the cross hair related to the particular infantry (by first selecting them while hovering over the vehicle and then hitting the "U" button to bring up the unit menu (which brings up the correct infantry type) and then pressing the attack button. However, left clicking the crosshairs on an enemy never results in actually firing (regardless of whether or not the vehicle moved that turn). Does anyone recall the specific sequence of UI inputs to make this happen?
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It is like 9 years already )
Did you find the answer?
So far I tried next things.

I noticed that feature actually works and infantry react on Ants and shoot it during AI movement. So I decided to dig some info and patches.

I have found couple of builds on megagames or something.

A label in GOG version says build 206.
I have found build 144... in German. In this version shooting from Dogster worked. Also build 208. Shooting from the Dogster was broken.
I have no idea man ) In any case I used unload / load tactic for my transport.
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