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Recently bought Battle Isle: Andosia War as part of the Christmas sale (but also still have the original boxed version). Unfortunately, I did not realize the GOG version was only 2.06. Several improvements were made via the 2.07 and 2.08 patches with respect to multiplayer/LAN connectivity, the time it took to the AI to complete turns was fixed, and additional play options were added - including the ability to modify the player timer.

Does GOG have any plans to modify this build to include those patches?

Has anyone in the community successfully patched the GOG version to include those patches?

[edited lead-in to reflect Andosia War - thanks Voodoo]
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I guess you mean Andosia war - battle isle 4 is Incubation. which needs to be patched as well, I might add.

seriously GOG, we love you, but you need to patch the battle isle series, asap.
Was this issue ever resolved?
Hey, Come on, when will it be patched to 2.08?!
I've found at least two online sources for the 2.08 patch (BlueByte on cnet and Cauldron site) and have tried to patch the 2.06 GOG version. The patching is successful but BITAW asks to insert the CD then :(