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I was wondering if there is any way to play Battle Isle 2 on my android tablet? I'm using the app "DosBox Turbo", but I can't get it to work.
I tried copying the gamefiles out of the installation directory on my windows pc to a new folder on my tablet, but this doesn't work. When I point the dosbox to this directory and want to start it with "battle2", the window simply returns to the execution prompt. I attached a screenshot of the dosbox-output.
However, with other games like Master of Orion this worked perfectly well...

Any ideas how to solve this problem?
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Here's what I did to get it to run on Linux (I had the same issue).

Under the autoexec section of your DosBox.conf file, add those lines:

mount c "directory of BI2"
imgmount d "directory of BI2"/BI2.inst -t iso -fs iso

The trick here is to mount the file "BI2.inst" as a CD image. For some reason this only works if you already are in the Battle Isle 2 directory, hence why I put it after the "c:" command in the autoexec section.
With those lines I got it to run on Linux Mint, I guess that it will work for your OS as well.