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Don't suppose there's any chance of this being made available for Windows 10? Love HistoryLine and excited to see it in GoG store only to have my dreams shattered that it doesn't run on Windows 10. Sad times.
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I ignored the warnings here about Windows 10 and just bought the game. I tested History Line Battle Isle 93 (Battle of the moon) and Battle Isle 3. All games start without problems on Windows 10.

Incubation does not work, but I have not tried the tricks from other posts. I never had Incubation in the past. I bought the game for Battle isle 1 and 3 and that is working.

Perhaps I am just lucky but it seems to work in general.
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Battle Isle 1, 2 and History Line should work without a problem on Windows because the run in DOSBox. No idea about Battle Isle 3 and Incubation, haven't tried them on Windows 10 yet. But at least Incubation is notiriously difficult to get running on modern systems.
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