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Just so you know getting battle chess and its varients to run in linux is simple.

(Just for clarity this seems to work better than trying to run DOSBOX within WINE on a linux system)

1. Install dosbox for linux through your package manager.
2. Let the GOG installer do its work in WINE
3. Run your linux version of DOS box from linux terminal by just typing DOSBOX
4. Mount the WINE C drive in DOSBOX as C Drive by typing
mount c: ~/.wine/drive_c
5. navigate to battle chess directories in dos
cd progra~1
cd battle~1
cd battle~1

this will run the batttlechess 4000 game
if you change the second battle~1 to battle~2 and command bc to start the game

Obviously you can set up a script to do all of the above but its written out for simplicity
Linux versions of these games are now available for download from GOG. Please enjoy! :)