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I used to own this game on the 3do system and the graphics and gameplay were a 100 times better.I am very disapointed with this purchase,I would have thought that the pc version would be better but it turns out to be so much worse.If the people in charge of this site could instead sell the 3do version on this website I would buy it,as it is, I would not recomend this version of battlechess to my worst enemy.
I had the version produced for Mac OS 7 - 9. This Windows version is awful. I was expecting it to be much better. I suppose I can only blame myself for not knowing any better than to buy this Windows version.
The GoG version is the DOS game, not the Windows game. The Windows game was pretty awesome (but had an unfortunately annoying pawn vs. pawn capture).
I like it! whats so wrong with it? jeez?!
Is the Special Edition the same version as the Signature Series CD release with hi-res graphics/animation and CD audio music, speech, and sound effects? I have that but it's not for Windows, it's for DOS. I was actually surprised it wasn't included in the GOG pack.
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According to this thread, GOG lacks the rights for that version.
Cinematics? What sort of cinematics? My DOS copy doesn't have any...