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I am running into level 13 enemies on the world map in what I thought was a level 6 area, Rushlands. It's not a grind if the enemies are getting stronger as well, it feels like a wall.

I wish the game indicated enemy threat level so I that I knew where not to go.

[Edit] I've played some more and realize it is not a bug. As the story progresses the enemies change with a lack of indication this is happening.
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Does someone has some facts about scaling?

I just started my first playthrough and after resting the level of the enemies at the Worldmap raised from 1 to 3 ( i was Lev 4 at this time). If the just level up towards my lev. it would be ok but if they raise in strenght every time i rest or finish a dungeon it could be a deathtrap.
As far as i know there is no scaling.
Maybe a little bit, but when you reach higher levels the enemies still
have their lower levels. And if the difference between your lv and enemy lv is getting
too much, there wont be even a fight when you touch them.
In that case, the game asks you for fighting a lower enemy.

The only scaling i noticed is the airship that you can find on the world map from time to time.
These enemies will always have the same level than you.
Also there is no scaling when you rest. Just all defeated enemies will respawn.

Sorry for my bad english.
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