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So my game seems to crash alot, like so many others it seems, but i can deal with that. But just thought to notify about something. I was fighting the Sludge Mound boss and i beat it without any major dificulties. But just when the boss fell my game crashed. My screen flashes black for a second and then throws me to my desktop, but the sounds can still be heard. This happens quite alot and it seems that I can even finish fights blind just hitting A with my controller. When I'm out of fight I hit select to get to the paused state and click 4 times down and A to exit the game. Ok so I did this but when I start the game again the quest is stuck. I have beaten the boss and got the reward for the hunt but in journal its still not checked and I can't talk to the inkeeper about it and there is still an exlamation mark above the inn. I have scoured the sewers for any slimes i might have missed but have found none. So it might be bugged there and there is another reason why i would like to have seperate save states but thats another matter. Anyone had similar encounters and can it be fixed somehow? Thanks.
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