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Is anyone else having any problem to play with a controller? It doesn't seem to work... :/

Hello, i'm using PS4 controller fine. I know it sounds silly but have you tried unplugging and plugging back in or plugging it in before starting the game, or something of that variation?

I can't help you as much as the developers can but that seems to work for me most of the time, as mad as it sounds.

the first time i started the game, it only worked with keyboard.
Restarting the game was helping. Im using a wired XBox 360 Controller.
I dunno why it wont work for the first start. Maybe just a little bug.
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Using a USB 360 controller, mostly no problems.

I have had it not detect it once, after plugging it in half-way through the game, but restarting the game fixed that.

I reaaaally wish there was an option to disable the force feedback tho'. I never liked it in any game and I'm ready to crack the controller open and rip out the motors with this game!
The only issue I have -- and which I tried to create a new topic for, but the forum software didn't cooperate -- is that when I'm in the in-game manual, the bumpers (shoulder buttons) don't work. They should scroll through the manual, but they do nothing. Keyboard commands (Q and R) works as normal, though.

This is with using a wireless XBox 360 controller, by the way.

Edit: one of the recent patches fixed this bug, so the controller works perfectly now.
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