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Changelog for Patch 23098 (added 16 October 2017):

* The Blacksmith found a bunch of gold in his old apron: Cost to upgrade the Blacksmith has been reduced to 500g for the first upgrade and 2000g for the final upgrade.
* Vendors became a little less greedy and you can sell items to vendors for slightly more.
* Fishing comparison display is fixed. We figured actually seeing accurate numbers was a good idea.
* Perks should always unlock at level 6. If they didn’t unlock for you, you should see them unlocked with this patch now.
* Getting into combat while interacting with the Surveyor should no longer make you unable to interact with anything when returning from combat
* The name/description for the items required for Gully’s Ultimate weapon were flipped (Dragon Scales and Dragon Heart Phylactery)
* Smoothed XP curve for mid to late game to require less replay of dungeons to level up
* A wider variety of items will be available as loot in chests, especially in early/mid game dungeons when crafting isn’t as accessible
* Increased gold acquired from creatures, chests, boxes/crates. Also, fixed a bug where minor loot objects (crates, barrels, jars etc) were giving too little gold outside of the first dungeon and Strongmont.
* Various typo fixes
* Enchanting Shrine will be guaranteed to spawn in Path of Fangs and Deadwatch.
* Fix for a bug some people were encountering in which some of the Hunt bosses (sludge mound and king slime) never spawned and players became stuck
* The room containing The Shade of Belevros in the Iron Outpost should spawn a loooooot more now.
* Fixed a bug in which Alumon would actually NOT join the party. We found him and forced him back in your party if he wasn’t unlocked for you, and he should be appropriately leveled and not naked
* Lycelot Alpha Trackers realized they should sometimes whiff their Claw Barrage attack and players will be able to evade its strikes now like any other attack. Also damage of it reduced slightly.
* Fixed missing name/description for starting weapons for Knolan and Red Monika in New Game Plus.
* Fixed an error in 2 of Alumon’s perks (Dark Mending II and Sanguine Embrace II) adding 2x the healing they should have (sneaky Alumon)
* Increased the base level of enemies in NG+
* Enemies around the Dig on the worldmap will be appropriately leveled
* You should be able to turn in the Vessel of War and Glorious Vessel of War now if it was stuck for you (you will need to re-kill 10 enemies on your way back to the shrine where you turn it in though)
* Mantle of Aramus has been changed: Places a damage shield on Gully that absorbs damage. For the next 3 turns, anytime Gully receives damage, she will be healed.
* Clarification with the Defend II perk on Gully that specifies that the damage reduction is only when using Defend
* Stun Immunity duration increased to 4 turns from 3 turns after a hero or enemy is stunned.
* Re-Balanced Crit Damage perks
* Fixed a bug with the Ring of Lost Love’s thorns value
* Each Heroes’ Legendary Weapon power has been reduced slightly (still the best weapons in the game!) This fix isn’t retroactive, so if you already have the legendary weapons in that run, they will remain extra crazy.
* The final boss has grown in power
* Masteries have been rebalanced across the board
* Perks/masteries that power up based on overcharge use have been rebalanced
* Some of the Pirate Captains weren’t spawning, but should now spawn normally
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to be stuck on the victory screen (especially against Lycelot Bombers)
* Some bosses will keep a tighter hold of their purses, not letting you pickpocket key items from them
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused heroes who gained multiple levels at once to not receive all the perk points they should have. If you’ve been effected by this, you may notice some of your heroes have more perk points than they did before!
* Fixed a bug that prevented unpurchased hero skins from showing up in NG+
* Opening the Bestiary in combat with a controller sometimes caused it to auto close. This has been fixed. Using B(on xbox controller) or O(on playstation controller) will close it. (keyboard always worked and hasn’t been changed)
* Fixed a Bug in which you can get infinite xp from the king slime. We think that’s a little too much xp.
* Arena rewards were sometimes not being awarded. This has been fixed and if you have been affected by it in the past, when you complete another arena run, any unique items that you should have been awarded and didn’t receive will be given to you. (this means if you had been robbed of something that you could’ve gotten somewhere else like a flask, and you actually got it somewhere else, it won’t be given, but key items like weapons, trinkets, recipes, quest items etc will always be retroactively given)
* The boss of Deadwatch was incorrectly leveled in NG+ on Mythic Difficulty.
Nice update, though I'm not sure why the XP curve had to be adjusted. I'm like permanently overleveled and I only really did each dungeon twice. The grinding came alone from grinding for gold (and ingredients).
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Changelog for patch 23172 (added 25 October 2017):


- The elusive Belevros has made more of a permanent home in Deadwatch, and should now always be much easier to find when sought.
- The Endless Arena should now work as expected, with climbing enemy difficulty, boss waves and climbing multipliers!
- Less excitingly, Battle-length buffs do not last indefinitely in Endless Mode anymore - every Phase counts as a battle for Buff purposes.
- Liches now tire of spawning skeleton minions a little more realistically.
- The Unstable Bomber will no longer traps players on the Victory Screen, thus allowing it to keep its place as the most rewarding screen in the game and not the most frustrating.
- Garrison's upgraded Warblade now only consumes up to 60 Overcharge.
- Legendary dungeons are now available in your first playthrough of a Dungeon (though we ask to verify you're REALLY SURE you want to do that to yourself)


- Various bugs fixed in Localization, including persistent HTML issues in the French language.


- While ending the game after the Credits seemed ironically appropriate, additional care was put into place to prevent crashing there.
- Our Video Player has been updated on PC and Mac in the hopes this resolves issues for many players unable to play the game due to video issues.
- Polished switching out characters after Party Select in order to prevent crashes related to memory.
- Added potential fix for a hang in Path of Fangs when returning to the Lycelot Traitor.


- There wasn't enough detail about what you were crafting in the Crafting section of the Compendium because there was a part of the view missing! More stat detail can now be toggled to see how crafted equipment might affect heroes!
- Font sizes in the combat screen have been increased so that you may recline luxuriously at a greater distance from your screen.
- Some people were fruitlessly clicking on the Toggle Skin button in Party Select to turn on their new skins. We have provided fruits for their efforts! This button should now work as expected.
- Last line of the Combat Abilities view should no longer be cut off.


- Backup saves on PC and Mac are automatically seamlessly loaded in place of broken/corrupted save files. Additionally, if an issue occurs with saving your progress, the game will let you know to restart the game so you do not keep playing and lose progress.
- The game now runs properly on environments in the Turkish language.
- We fixed an issue where you could get stuck on the main story quitting while/after fighting the Bandit Messenger.
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Changelog for Patch 23288 (17 November 2017):

New Features:
- New options added to the Options menus:
- Keyboard remapping is finally here for PC/Mac! Simply go to Options > Controls and rebind away!
- Setting to play videos
- Show interaction outlines in combat/dungeons
- Hold left click to Move
- Rumble

- Completing a dungeon in Mythic mode also counts toward the Completing all dungeons on Legendary achievement.
- Added a fix that retroactively awards you the 100% Bestiary Completion achievement if it was not awarded to you properly on earning it.
- Airships now remain spawned on the World Map when they have been spawned prior from completing a dungeon.
- Players can now flee from Hunt bosses if they realize they're in over their heads. You will flee back to the World Map when you try to escape from a Hunt encounter.
- Hunt Quests have had their levels adjusted slightly to give players better warning about their difficulty.
- Players who defeated Bhargus but did not receive the Purgatory Stone should now find it in their inventory.

- Switching characters while viewing a Mastery perk will update the UI accordingly with the next character's Mastery Perk.
- We added an entry for the highest difficulty completed for a dungeon in the Dungeon Codex.
- You will not get a Legendary Dungeon warning for a dungeon in progress.
- Skipping through the Combat Victory screens now appropriately skips the reveal animation for your loot so you can see it before you exit combat.
- You now get toasts for loot obtained when skipping the Combat Victory screen altogether.
- Minor UI fixes.

- Various minor fixes.

- Fix for hang when accessing the Tolkas Arena.
- Fix for Razer headset drivers crashing.
- Cinematic video sound is now tied to the Music volume in options, so you can keep the Voice high and better listen to dialogue over the music and sound effects.

Changelog for Patch 23636 (02 February 2018):

- The entire cast of Battle Chasers has wised up, and have learned how to use equipment that was previously beyond their skill level. This means: equipment no longer requires a minimum level to equip! This will improve the leveling curve, and make leveling up benched characters a smoother experience. To keep the game balanced, equipment drops and vendor inventories have been slightly readjusted.
- The XP curve has been adjusted to alleviate stalling in mid-game dungeons.
- Early game enemies have become more dangerous.
- Several enemies in the game have had their abilities made more fair/balanced.
- The Innkeeper has revised his tax plan, and the cost of reviving your party has been adjusted to be more lenient for the low-leveled and more demanding of the high-leveled.
- New Game+ is harder. (Evil laugher)
- Knolan's starting level should be 11.
- Innervating Mist has had its overcharge generation reduced slightly.

- Dungeons no longer magically uncomplete themselves when quitting to the Main Menu after completing them.
- Loot should not be assigned to empty bins if there is no loot.
- Fixed some of Monika's abilities that were not critting properly.
- Garrison's Rupture Ability will stop falling over after 3 turns and last its full 5 turns.
- Slimes no longer behave like molasses, but like gelatin. Thus, they play their animations much more quickly.
- We put a stop to the time travel occurring when quitting the game from a completed dungeon. Loading back in to the save will now progress to the next day.
- The boss the Dig in Mythic difficulty is now at its proper level.
- Fixed a bug that prevented perks from updating correctly when swapping equipment
- Fixed a bug that showed inflated stat values on the character sheet when first loading into the scene or changing equipment while a certain mastery was equipped

- A few minor Localization issues addressed.
- Incorrect/non-working button prompts in the Compendium, Game Manual and in Fishing have been fixed.
- The UI has received a scale-up and contrast adjustments across the board, to make text more visible on screens of differing sizes and distances.
- In some cases the Compendium would flicker open and closed when you pressed your controller buttons just so. This has been fixed.
- The Bestiary Entry progress bar has been made less visually noisy.

General Bug Fixes:
- Players who were missing Caldeus's skull and the Alpha Core despite having defeated the appropriate enemies should now be able to find them in their inventory.
- Cinematic background/music audio is now tied to the music volume.
- Fishing lines have been polished.
- Fishing in general has been polished.
- Fixes have been made to a certain cane to prevent multiples of it being spawned.

Changelog for Patch 23731 (05 February 2018):

- Minor asset loading fixes
- Minor UI fix for Dungeon Entrance screen
- Fixed an issue in Low Quality settings for Banog Cave and Deadwatch interactables
- Added a feature to replay video cutscenes you've already scene in the game. From your save profile, go to Extras->Cutscenes

Changelog for Patch 24034 (08 October 2018):


- Minor bug fixes.
- Fixed disappearing text in certain languages.
- Improvements to item detail UIs across game.
- Fixed an issue where the Collector was missing some inventory.
- Small performance and memory optimizations.
- Rich presence support added for playing Battle Chasers through Discord.
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Changelog for Patch 24037 (15 November 18):

- Updated Discord API to try to eliminate crashes some users reported
- Fixed error re-saving a save file with invalid objects in a vendor’s inventory. (Rare issue some users reported.)
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I guess the fact that they are continuing to send updates means that there is some other reason they can't be bothered to give gog a Linux version.