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I am looking for some help with modding the game.

I have added a puncture attack (akin to the dagger one) to stabbing weapons (all the spears, all the short swords, 2-handed swords (yes, do an internet search on half swording, great swords can actually be used to stab things), spetums, pitchforks, fencing swords and pike).

This all works fine.

Now I want to add a puncture attack to bows and crossbows. I can get the crossbow one to work, but not as I want it to (not tried bow attacks).

What I have done: doubled the fatigue cost and gave it an accuracy penalty (removed the +15 standard accuracy it has) and off course the ignore armour bit.

What I can't get to work is this: I want to have specialisation to negate some of the accuracy penalty. I can't figure out how to do this (I have kept it with a reduced fatigue cost from specialisation, that works fine, I can even change the AP cost, but I'ts not suited for this).

Help will be appreciated.