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Hi everybody,

Can somebody explain to me how exactly do the supporter editions work?

Group 1 - Currently, there are these 3 DLCs:
Battle Brothers - Blazing Deserts
Battle Brothers - Warriors of the North
Battle Brothers - Beasts & Exploration

Group 2 - And then there these "Supporter" editions of these DLCs:
Battle Brothers - Support the Developers & Southern Banner
Battle Brothers - Support the Developers & Nordic Banner
Battle Brothers - Support the Developers & Kraken Banner

Group 3 - AND then there is this completely separate DLC:
Battle Brothers - Supporter Edition Upgrade

My questions are:
1.) Is the content of Group 2 the same as Group 1, PLUS the banner (cosmetic thing) OR is it just the banner itself?
If it´s just a banner, it´s way too overpriced.

2.) Does Group 3 contains anything at all from Group 1 and 2?

I wanted to buy this game, but seeing as not everything is discounted + it´s fairly confusing what´s included in what, I want to have this explained before I will decide to buy it or not.

Thanks in advance.
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I too would like to know the answer to this question, in case anyone who might know still reads this subforum. Thanks.
The game is finally on sale this weekend for 50% off but the dlcs are still pretty pricey. It's been wishlisted for a long time but I also have a tight budget and been patient thus far... only a month or so to go before any bigger black Friday/xmas deals possibly.
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