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I can start and play the game, but it crashes on any save. It is run as admin, it is not read only. It is the same on steam as gog. Here are the pop ups I get.


1st pop up
Failed to create a persistent storage, reason unknown

2nd pop up:
+ Function: saveCampaign() - File:
+ Function: campaign_mune_module_onSavePressed() - File:
+ Function: onSaveButtonPressed() - File:
Nobody knows?
so sad :(
Sorry, no idea what's going on there - I assume you already did the obligatory clean reinstall?
If not, I'd recommend trying that and see if it solves the issue. To make sure that it's not Galaxy (assuming that you've used resp. you're using Galaxy installing and running the game?) interfering with anything, reinstall with the offline installers instead.

If all fails you could try and hit up Overhype Studios on Twitter, pointing them to this thread here.
Post edited June 12, 2020 by Swedrami