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Well... I was getting achievements just fine. This is my first playthrough so no ironman and just the basic difficulty... but I was getting achievements fine. Then I killed 2 different goblin overseers with a crossbow and didn't get that achievement. Thought maybe it was just bugged. Then I defeated the greenskin invasion. No achievement. Retired through the greenskin invasion dialog. No achievement of any kind. Not sure what's going on here... anyone else have achievement troubles?
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Just a note... I reloaded a save from before. Played through a fight again and got the defeated greenskins dialog again. This time did not retire and the next dialog I got after a bit was the one for ambition complete for the greenskin invasion so.... dunno. Still no achievement. Now the final fight I got in was a hybrid fight with 4 armies only 1 of which were greenskins. Maybe that messed it up? I could reload again and try to find another fight that is just greenskins. I'll let you know.

Though that still doesn't explain killing 2 different Goblin Overseers with crossbows and not getting that one...
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Another note... Just found and killed a Goblin Shaman. No Achievement. So achievements on this playthrough are completely broken. I'm going to start a new veteran playthrough and get to day 10. See if that works.