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I paid for season 2 and it is still 'pre ordered' what is going on?
HyperGamingTV: I paid for season 2 and it is still 'pre ordered' what is going on?
With season 1 gog also had problems :(
This is one area where GOG really fails time and time again.

Season 1 was just awful days after everyone else got we finally got the next part. Patches were days behind anyone else, I understand there smaller, but really this shouldn't be that difficult to setup a content stream and make it is delivered in a timely manner.

I also can't believe they don't have some agreement with Telltail Games to deliver these products at a certain time or within a period.
"Hey! We're very sorry about this. There were some last minute issues with the GOG build and we're working on sorting it as we speak. We'll have the game up on GOG as soon as we can. Thanks & apologies for the inconvenience." GOG replay.