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Hey Gang!
I've been playing the first two episodes of this game and enjoyed them so far, but that joy was short-lived. every time i try to download season 3 in the game, the download goes smoothly till up to ~80%, then stops or just starts over!
i was able to download the episodes 4+5 just fine, just s3 keeps bugging me!
tried to re-install, but the outcome is the same.

does anyone have any help or suggestions how to work this out?
thanks in advance!
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EDIT: I do not have a solution. I ended up returning my Switch copy because Episode 3 was glitched on the Switch version as well. Got it for PC instead, so far it's saving my games alright, but is heavily stuttery with any sort of Depth of Field on.
Post edited November 30, 2017 by CymTyr