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Patch (04 August 2016)

-Automatically defaults the game to run on dedicated graphics card
-Adds graphics settings to enable selection of Higher Performance Textures or Higher Quality Textures (please select Higher Performance if performance is an issue)
still zero fix for the controller issues.
And no mention of the stupid "no way to change language" issue.
This patch introduced the "black screen issue" for me. Prior to this patch the game was working (give or take the occasional missing spoken dialogue issue, but at least it was playable).
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Changelog for Patch 2 / GOG-5 (added 16 August 2016):
- Video Streaming fixes
- Xbox One controller support
- Xbox 360 controller support
- Facebook sharing fixes
- Fix for progression blocker after Mercenary Boss fight
- Full screen launch default
- Limited aspect ratios to the 4:3 - 16:9 range
- Fix for cloud save data integrity if game should crash
- Fix for DLC checking
- Fix for link to cross-title promotion of The Wolf Among Us
Post edited September 22, 2016 by T_a_J
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Changelog for Patch Episode 2 / GOG-6 (added 22 September 2016):
- Adds Episode 2
Post edited September 22, 2016 by T_a_J
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Changelog for Update / GOG-7 (Windows) (added 25 October 2016):

- Adds Episode 3
Post edited October 26, 2016 by DeMignon
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Changelog for Update / GOG-8 (added 16 November 2016):

- Fixes issue with achievements not unlocking correctly
Post edited November 16, 2016 by HypersomniacLive
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Changelog for Update / GOG-9 (added 24 November 2016):

- Adds Episode 4
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Changelog for Update / GOG-10 (Windows) (added 16 December 2016):

- Adds Episode 5
Post edited December 16, 2016 by DeMignon
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Changelog for Update / GOG-12 (added 20 February 2017):

- fixes
Any info on this Buttery Patch?
Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series

Changelog for Update (added 23 January 2018):

- Added Episode 4 to the Windows version of the game. The Mac version will be updated as soon as possible.
"Batman.exe stopped working"

Somethimes crash in 2min, sometimes crash in 8min, 20min, inconstant. But always crash ...

"Batman.exe stopped working"

Have Windows 10 Fall Creators. NVidia 750Ti.

Tried compatibilty down to Windows 7, disabled full screen optimization, overlays, everything. Still crashing...

"Batman.exe stopped working"