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The Linux version of Barony Blessed Addition on Linux Mint 18.3 crashes when I try to load two different multiplayer saves. The moment I click the load button to select the save, it just crashes to desktop without any delay at all.

Should I email the save files somewhere or is there something else I can try first?

Thank you.
This question / problem has been solved by wallofjusticeimage
The issue is still around in the latest version of the game.

Looking at the console, it's a segfault:

Running Barony: Blessed Addition
[23-36-51] Data path is ./
[23-36-51] Output path is /home/user/.barony
Caught segfault at address 0x35533118
Hi guys, one of the Barony developers here - just a heads up to anyone else with this issue I've made a fix and we're in the process of submitting to GOG to rectify this.

In the meantime visit this link and download binaries for Linux:

I'm currently the team member to go to for bugfixes so I'll be monitoring this forum and checking bugs better than we have been. Apologies it's taken this long!