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Changelog for update 2.0.4 / GOG-3 (Windows and Mac) / GOG-2 (Linux) (added 14 November 2016):

- Added a "right click protection" option (when set, navigating to the right click menu in a player's inventory is required for selection).
- Background colors for items: yellow=unidentified, green=blessed (blue in colorblind mode), red=cursed.
- Save the last-used name and automatically fill it into name text box.
- /startfloor command.
- /splitscreen command (TEST COMMAND PLEASE IGNORE).
- Shift-left clicking an item in the inventory drops it.
- Auto appraise option.
- -map argument for editor.
- Tooltip noting that disabling "[ ] Traps" only disables trap generation, does not remove traps built-into a map.
- Changed "New Game" -> "Start Game".
- Game assigns default keybindings if config file is missing any.
- Fixed weaponless creatures doing 0 damage on attack.
- Fixed crash from incorrectly reading in gamma config option.
- Fixed bug where followers were not created upon loading the game from a save file.
- Fixed crash on loading save-game if followers have an inventory.
- Fixed an issue with text positioning on the victory screens.
- Fixed being able to store spells in chests.
- Fixed being able to attempt to sell spells to shopkeeper.
- Fixed a crash with invite friends button if not connected to Steam network.
- Fixed bug where enemies would not walk through pickaxed walls.
- Fixed savegame2.dat not getting deleted.
- Fixed bug where clients wouldn't drop inventory on death.
- Fixed crash bug involving magic reflection in multiplayer.
- Fixed bug where you couldn't place sprites in editor.
- Fixed servers ignoring game type on loading save game (direct-connect vs steam).
- Fixed clients ignoring save game type (direct-connect vs steam).
- Fixed edge case where you could drop a spell >:|
- Fixed being able to enable godmode even with cheats off.
- Fixed unsustaining a spell instantly recasts it.
- Fixed bug where game would capture mouse after closing Steam overlay in situations when it shouldn't.
- Fixed bug where cure ailment spell and potion wouldn't stop player from burning.
- Fixed falling boulders clipping through other tiles.
- More C++ porting.
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Changelog for Patch 2.0.5 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 07 June 2017):

- Added random name button (default push "Y" on the gamepad). Names pulled from playernames-male.txt and playernames-female.txt
- Changed hotbar to inventory and inventory to hotbar navigation so that you can directly dpad down into and out of the hotbar.
- Made hotbar prev and hotbar next game-exclusive bindings (will not work in inventory).
- Updated default gamepad bindings: cast spell = right shoulder, activate hotbar slot = left shoulder, navigate hotbar in-game = left & right d-pad.
- Clicking on a gamepad binding unassigns it.
- Assigned scancode 399 name "Unassigned key" and added color-coding for bindings: red = unknown key, baronyBlue = unassigned, green "..." = assigning.
- Reordered gamepad bindings settings screen. Bifunctional bindings first, menu-exclusive bindings next (only works in the game's menu, inventory, and other such things), and then game-exclusive bindings.
- Fixed ladders sometimes failing to generate in hell due to not finding a valid tile.
- Fixed light spell spazzing out when invisible.
- Fixed load savegame not using the saved map's seed, instead always using seed 0.
- Fixed gamepads not working in the main menu after returning to the menu from a game.
- Fixed incorrect string compare length in /minotaurlevel command.
- Added missing cheat guards for several commands.
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Changelog for patch 2.0.6 (added 17 November 2017):

Mostly a small bugfix update to resolve a multiplayer save issue:
- Fix for resuming savegames in multiplayer, seed was being reset to 0 on map reload.
- missing should be fixed in Linux version

Some other things that snuck in:
- Community additions:
- -datadir option
- Dynamic resolution querying


Changelog for patch 2.0.7 (added 17 November 2017):

This patch incorporates a plethora of community fixes and modifications:
- Fixed issue where fountains did not stop animating and creating sound effects for clients after drinking
- Fixed issue where host's burning particles would not disappear for clients upon extinguishing
- Fixed issue where client were unable to see themselves on fire
- Fixed locking spell displaying incorrect message when you hit someone with it
- Fixed issue where the client was not affected by the slow spell, nor slowed down by the cold spell
- Fixed issue where clients were not affected by the confuse spell
- Fixed head bobbing when typing
- Fixed issue where pools of blood could hide some items
- Fixed secret boss client desync issue
- Fixed client boulders position desync
- Fixed clients' limbs not existing in map (can now right click on bodies to bump, not just heads). Also fixes same issue for shopkeeps.
- Fixed cure ailment not removing fire on clients
- You can no longer cast spells while sleeping.
- Handle client disconnects more gracefully
- Players are now notified when they are no longer slowed
- Spell of Opening now unlocks doors
- Added a top border for the HP and MP bars to separate the actual bar from the text header
- A special thanks to Christopher 'Lutz' Kellen, Linus Heckemann, and all those investing their time and contributions to the Github repository.
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Changelog for patch 3.0.0 (added 27 April 2018):


- Added new monsters!
- Added new items, including:
- Throwing weapons
- New tiers of armor
- New tiers of weapons
- Starting class specific armors
- High tier spellbooks, magicstaffs
- Extended dungeon depth into 1 new tileset, slightly reworked ending. (Open BETA preview, more to come!)


- Added 3 new starting classes:
- Sexton: A temple officer who serves unseen, using stealth and magic to slip their way through the dungeon with the aid of a few rare tools.
- Ninja: A highly specialized assassin. They ambush foes with swords or ranged weapons, using a few other tricks to get out of bad situations.
- Monk: Disciplined and hardy. They have little in the way of offensive training and material goods, but can rely on their excellent fortitude and adaptability.

New Animations:
- Add "special attacks" for new monsters, allow monster AI to choose between different attacks depending on circumstance
- Overhauled/replaced all monster animation
- Added unique animations for all ranged weapon firing
- Added unique animations for monster spellcasting
- Monster animation now has a "windup" period before dealing damage, allowing greater opportunity to block and dodge
- Monsters can now throw items
- Replaced randomly choosing 3 attributes on level up with weighted attribute growth for each class.
- (E.g Warriors have higher chance for strength and lower chance for intelligence, opposite for Wizards)
- Add chance for gaining a "bonus" attribute point on level up if the player has gained at least one level in a skill since their last level up.
- Each proficiency is tied to 1 of the 6 attributes. "Bonus" attribute point is tied to the proficiency's associated attribute.
- E.g combat proficiencies like POLEARM will grant a chance for bonus STR, SWIMMING will grant a chance for bonus CON)
- Levelling up will reset the chance.
- Shared experience from killing monsters by followers/other players is now based on proximity of other party members, rather than line of sight checking.
- (Previously monster entities could disrupt the line of sight check and not share experience)
- Reworked melee weapon damage formula. Now linearly scales with weapon tier and durability, rather than multiplicatively.
- (Previously it was possible for a DECREPIT and WORN weapon to display the same +attack value due to number rounding, now there will always be a +1 attack difference.)
- This results in a net-gain of attack power in most cases, monster stats have been shifted in damage output to mostly remain the same.
- Ranged weapons now use DEX attribute in calculation for damage instead of STR.
- Monsters use a combination of DEX + PER to avoid monsters becoming too speedy
- Adjusted goblin and skeleton stats to compensate
- Ranged weapons now have a chance to "pierce" half the armor of targets, chance scales with PER attribute. Also applies to monsters.
- Mana regen now scales with a combination of INT attribute and SPELLCASTING proficiency.
- Multiple sources of Magic Resist & HP/MP Regen now stack diminishingly instead of having no effect past the first point
- (E.g 50% becomes 33%, then 25% resistance)
- Thrown potions/rocks/gems/throwing items now ignore half the armor of hit target, previously was reduced by all armor.
- Additional damage is dealt depending on the RANGED proficiency of the thrower
- Successfully hitting a target with thrown potions/rocks/gems/throwing items has a chance to increase ranged proficiency.
- New armor breaking formula for some new items. (E.g Crystal Tier items)
- Shield of Magic Resistance no longer provides reflection when blocking.
- Changed to +1 additional resistance
- Movement speed from DEX attribute reworked, slower speeds overall at high DEX and movement speed has a upper limit.
- Carry weight now has a larger impact on speed at lower STR levels.
- Add minor "blocking" animation for player characters in multiplayer
- Add "sneaking" mechanic when using the ‘block’ key when no offhand item is equipped
- Sneaking reduces your movement equal to the blocking speed
- Sneaking reduces monster vision of the player
- Sneaking grants bonus to vision/light level depending on sneaking proficiency of the player
- Add "backstab" and "flanking" mechanics depending on the facing direction of the player and the hit monster.
- "Backstab" applies bonus damage when hitting a target from behind that is currently not in combat or alerted
- "Flanking" applies a chance for bonus damage when hitting a target from behind that is currently engaged in combat or is otherwise alerted. Bonus damage is less than a successful backstab.
- Both mechanics display unique combat messages when successful.
- Bonus damage is based on the stealth proficiency of the player.
- Successfully backstabbing or flanking grants a chance to raise stealth proficiency
- Add "THROWN" item category for item types
- `Add 3 new glove types that grant additional unarmed melee damage
- Add capstones for reaching legendary tier in a non-combat proficiency.
- APPRAISAL: Instant Appraise
- SPELLCASTING: Makes magic missile cost 0 mana. You learn magic missile if you don't already know it.
- LOCKPICKING: Lockpicking is always successful, and you find extra gold in chests.
- LEADERSHIP: Recruit Goblins as followers
- MAGIC: Gain exclusive spell "Dominate"
- STEALTH: Permanent Invisibility
- SWIMMING: Permanent Waterwalking
- TRADING: Sell any category of item to any vendor


- Buffed fountains from dungeon depths past 10
- Buffed gravestones from dungeon depths past 15
- Improved chance of food sources in the labyrinth.
- Basic damage spells now break chests to match the effect on doors and furniture.

- Add beartraps and thrown items to chest items pools
- Reworked Beartraps, beartrap damage is now increased by the trapper’s locks proficiency, as well as the status of the item
- Beartraps are now reusable, degrade by 1 status every use.
- Add beartrap set sound effect
- Successfully trapping a monster in a beartraps has a chance to increase lockpicking and ranged proficiency
- Beartraps no longer target allies.
- Fixed case where beartraps were incorrectly rendered invisible in multiplayer
- Enchant/Destroy Armor, and Repair scrolls now choose a random worn piece of equipment rather than helmet first.
- "Cursed" scrolls of Remove Curse now curse a random worn piece of equipment.
- Several potion effects reworked:
- Confusion/Booze/Blindness potion duration are reduced depending on the hit target's CON and PER
- Paralyze potion duration reduced depending on the hit target's CON
- Bottle of water now heals 2 HP
- Bottle of booze/juice/+1 water now heals 5 HP
- Adjust DRUNK duration from booze to be random duration rather than fixed
- Lowered chance for random chests to contain "garbage" item pool (E.g rock/nothing)
- "Random" chest item pool now is limited to 5 levels above current dungeon depth, avoids spawning ANY item.
- Equipped rings now apply a +1 attack bonus to fists. Damage bonus increases with enchantment

Proficiency Changes:
- Lowered chance to raise SHIELD proficiency when getting hit
- Slightly changed learning magic requirements for spells to match the current tier list in the proficiencies panel.
- (E.g some spell requirements needed 25 magic but you could only tell if you had 20 magic or 40 magic. Requirement changed to 20 in that instance.)
- Rescaled magic and spellcasting proficiency levelling on spell cast.
- Casting spells of a lower tier than your current spellcasting proficiency level will have a diminishing chance to raise your proficiency.
- Increased the chance to level when using a spell that is closer to your spellcasting level.
- Reduced chance to level magic and spellcasting with magicstaffs
- Rescaled appraisal proficiency levelling on successful appraise. Cheaper items no longer guarantee an appraisal increase if your proficiency is higher.
- Appraising high-value items such as gemstones will still provide a high chance for proficiency increase.

Status Effects:
- Add "heavy bleeding" status condition. Applies slowness in combination with normal bleeding effect.
- (Applied only by certain new monster attacks/spells.)
- Poison now damages every 3 seconds rather than 3.6 seconds for consistency.
- Poison/Paralyze effect duration from Spiders and Scorpions is now reduced by player's CON attribute.
- Added chance to apply effect even if the damage received from the monster's blow was 0. (Reduced effect, rarer chance).
- Successfully blocking and receiving 0 damage will avoid the status effect chance.
- "Fire" status duration and chance to extinguish now based on CON attribute. Now has a max duration the effect can last for, with chances to extinguish early depending on the CON attribute.

[continued in next post]
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- Add FPS slider in settings menu, added support for 60-144Hz refresh rates.
- Add /fps XX command to set the FPS limit, XX is desired limit.
- Add "hotbar filters" to control what items automatically get added to the hotbar, only applies when auto add to hotbar setting is enabled. Accessible from "misc" settings tab.
- Inventory/Menu:
- Add "Party Stats" to the inventory view, accessible by clicking a new button above the proficiencies panel. Displays all lobby player names, current HP/MP values and level.
- HP/MP values are updated every 3 seconds for clients to minimise network traffic.
- Redesigned artwork for all spell icons
- Players now spawn with their class spellbooks in the right side of the hotbar, still need interacting to learn the spell
- Proficiencies with an unlocked capstone are displayed in green text in the proficiencies sidebar
- On level up: Display icons corresponding to the 3 attributes that were raised (& the bonus attribute, if any)
- Items now stack more consistently, will stack if their visible "world" models match rather than an invisible random "appearance" attribute.
- Stacking items still need to have the same durability/blessing etc.
- Add attribute tooltips when hovering over them in the left attributes panel. Will show any bonuses from gear.
- Add current mana regen rate to the INT attribute hover tooltip.
- Add ATK power to the character sheet next to AC.
- Add hover text over ATK stat to show the internal breakdown of bonuses applied to the equipped weapon.
- Slightly adjusted left attributes view to display Base Value -> Modified Final Value. E.g. now shows as STR: 10 -> 11 rather than 11 (10) for a 10 STR character with a bonus point from gear/status effects.
- Green/Red highlighted text shows if the current stat is being positively or negatively impacted from worn gear/status effects
- Add missing impact particles for COLD spell
- Removed redundant combat log message when taking 0 melee damage. E.g:
- "the skeleton hits"
- "but their blow bounced off"
- Is now:
- "the skeleton's blow bounces off!"
- Add on-equip messages to items with additional effects (E.g boots of waterwalking)

- Slightly reduced magic trap spellcast sound volume
- Slightly reduced ambient liquid sounds/occurrence
- Troll footsteps are now louder
- Add damage sounds and screen shake when dying of starvation
- Added a small cooldown before turning off combat music to avoid music cutting in and out when darting between monster vision
- Add minor screen shake and sound effect when taking 0 damage from a ranged projectile.
- (Helps determining whether it was an arrow trap vs another damage source)


- Add all new and existing monster types to be placable in editor
- Grave key functions as backspace in typing fields
- Item icons now change to in-game sprite if not random
- Add "Undo" support for sprites
- Remap map height cycle to SHIFT + SCROLLWHEEL or CTRL + U or P from just SCROLLWHEEL
- New "Point" tool (2nd position), now is the only editor tool that can select sprites. All other tools will ignore left/right clicking on a sprite and draw underneath.
- Add bulk sprite moving with "Select" tool. With an area selected, press ALT + ARROWKEYS to move selection and all entities underneath.
- If the selection is moved, any new entities inside the selection tool will NOT be selected, and will need to be manually added by re-dragging the select tool over the area.
- CTRL + ARROWKEYS will move the selection rectangle
- SHIFT + ARROWKEYS will resize the selection rectangle
- Pressing 'C' when hovering over a tile with multiple sprites will cause them to cycle heights. Assists with trying to grab a sprite from the bottom of a pile but having to rearrange all the top pieces first.
- Add several new sprites/functionality to editor for existing in-game objects
- Single boulder trap, direction specific. Configurable re-trigger amount/trigger frequency
- Armed bear trap
- Inverted gates
- Timed lever. (Configurable duration)

Customisable Sprite Properties:
- Add "properties" menu for certain sprites, F2 to access
- Add properties for chests, can choose which pool of items to spawn or leave as random. Can also choose orientation
- Add properties for items, can pick item type/status/qty etc or leave as default random
- Add full monster equipment and stat editing
- Add support for "NPC" human monsters, accessible from the monster properties window to set the "type" of NPC.
- They will patrol a boxed starting area like shopkeepers, and will cycle through dialog when interacted with.

Hover Text:
- Add hover text for placed sprites in the map view to show select information at a glance
- Add hover text for sprite and tile selection window to show the descriptive name of the object
- Add menu dropdown button to toggle the map view hover text. CTRL + H also toggles this behaviour

Extended Map Properties:
- Add several new options for map properties window (CTRL + M)
- Map-wide options: (Only if applied to the base map, e.g mines.lmp not mines01.lmp)
- Map skybox, input a line number from tiles.txt to be the base ""sky"" effect for the map, similar to that found in ""hell"" levels.
- Map ceiling, input a line number from tiles.txt to be the ceiling tile instead of the default grey stone.
- Maximum/minimum number of total entities/monsters/items/decorations to generate in a level. ""Entity Qty"" is the total pool of object in a level, and monster/items/decorations fill this pool. Priority is monsters, then items, then decorations if there are not enough entities available in the pool for all.
- Disable levitation/digging/teleportation, stop players using these mechanics in the level.
- Alternate map generation, if selected will generated rooms from left-to-right in the base map, rather than placing rooms in a random location.
- Room-specific options: (Can be applied once to the base map mines.lmp or individually for each room)
- Disable monsters/traps/loot, stops the random generator spawning these kinds of entities in your room.

Tile Palettes:
- Add "tile palette" to editor, allow persistent user saved 3x3 tile selection between editor sessions to quickly organise map tiles.
- CTRL + SCROLLWHEEL or NUMPAD +- to cycle between 9 different "banks" of tiles.
- NUMPAD * to "lock" the bank and prevent overwriting of palette when selecting new tiles.
- LEFTCLICK/SCROLLWHEEL or NUMPAD 1 to 9 to select tiles from this palette. If selecting a tile on the map view or tile select, then will be added to the bank if not locked.
- RIGHTCLICK to remove a tile from the palette.

Submap Generation:
- Add new "submap" generation, allowing random generation per room for your map!
- Using special tile 201 "Submap.png" defines a square area to be randomly replaced from a pool of sub-levels.
- E.g mines01.lmp contains a 3x3 of ""submap"" tiles. The generator looks for sublevels mines01a.lmp, mines01b.lmp and mines01c.lmp and will select one of those 3x3 submaps to generate in the mines01.lmp map. Generation will look at 1-26 possible maps if they exist with the suffix 'a' to 'z' after the map name.


- Fixed issue where the Editor's map name textbox would not stop text from being input after the map was loaded. Stops saving maps as "mineswdasdw" even though the save window was closed.
- Fixed issue where all thrown items would not display correctly for multiplayer clients
- Fixed issue where "quickstart" games would always start with the same seed
- Fixed issue where quickly "hotswapping" a crossbow caused the player to rapid fire bolts
- Fixed issue with rounding error in CONFUSE spell, causing a 2 second less than intended duration.
- Fixed issue where "Filthy Rich" acheivement could not be granted to clients
- Fixed issue where FPS would be displayed as 57-59 but never 60
- Fixed issue where invisibility and levitation channel durations were shorter than they should be after the first duration expired
- Fixed issue where items on ground would unnecessarily calculate movement
- Fixed feature where clients would render unloaded armor as green orbs
- Fix issue where any animated tile is swimmable if placed in the floor. Now only tiles with "water", "lava" and "swimtile" in filename will be considered for swimming
- Fixed issue where entities could be generated on lava/water tiles
- Fixed issue where vomiting while dying crashes the game
- Fixed issue where random player names would continually start with the same random seed
- Fixed issue where resizing the editor with a tile/sprite selection window would crash
- Fixed issue where map generation would skip the far bottom and right rows of tiles
- Fixed issue where opening a door while dying crashes the game
- Fixed typo in a book
- Fixed issue when spawning in "hell" levels would fail to generate an exit (maybe this time will work?)
- Fixed issue where too many combat log messages would corrupt the interface. Typically occurred after extended playthroughs or lots of text chat.
- Fix issue where trolls would repeatedly play their footstep audio clip when waking up from sleep status.
- Fix issue where picking up/dropping equipment matching your currently equipped piece would cause your currently equipped piece to stack, or be unequipped. Thrown items are exempt from this behavior.
- Fixed missing blood particles when a spell inflicted damage for clients

[continued in next post]
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- Add /levelskill x command, where x is proficiency number to be levelled up by 10.
- Add /minotaurnow command, force minotaur to spawn in level
- Add /minotaurlevel command, force current level to spawn a minotaur after default duration
- Add /maplevel command, functions like Scroll of Magic Mapping
- /noclip command enables raising/lowering of camera with default player turn bindings Q and E
- Holding SHIFT when /noclip is enabled will halve the movement speed of the player
- /noclip no longer "swims" in water
- Add /nummonsters command, show number of monsters spawned in level
- Add /maxout2 command, levels player to 25 and equips full steel equipment.
- Quick start multiplayer lobby from main menu with CTRL + L, uses port 12345
- Quick join multiplayer lobby from main menu with CTRL + M, uses port 12345
- Add /drunky command to even out the effects of drinking while coding
- Add /summonchest command to spawn a chest
- Add /summonall command, vomits the chosen monster onto every possible map tile on the floor.


- Unify monster attack/movement code into common animation framework to assist when creating new monsters
- Unify monster special attacks into common function to assist when creating new monsters
- Dedicated animation functions to create new spell effects/timers/limb animations
- Extended support for up to 50 new items
- Extended monster support for up to 32 new creature entries
- Remove many hard-coded limits for strings such as items and status effects, easier to make additions
- Items now use an editable items_global.txt file to determine minimum dungeon level to spawn on, rather than obscured in-game gold formula
- Centralised monster message events to allow custom name patterns to use generic monster grammar. E.g naming a skeleton "lesser skeleton" will correctly display "you hit the lesser skeleton!" rather than "you hit lesser skeleton". Currently available prefixes include: "lesser", "young", and "enslaved"
- Add /reloadlimbs to refresh the in-game limb offsets for monsters. Assists when designing new monsters and equipment
- Add /loadmodels x x to refresh in-game models from models.txt without restarting Barony. /loadmodels 400 0 will refresh from 400 onwards, while /loadmodels 590 600 will only reload 590-600. Assists with voxel modelling.
- Add /atkspeed x and /animspeed x to globally modify the in-game attack animation speed for debugging animation.
- Add caching of Barony models during startup with command /usemodelcache, creating a models.cache file to Barony directory on first run to read on subsequent startups. Reduces startup time from 10+ seconds to <5 on some machines. If models are changed or added after the cache is generated, then the models.cache file will need to be deleted to regenerate the cache.
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Changelog for patch 3.0.1 (added 27 April 2018):


- Added broken item icon for the inventory and hotbar panels. Faint grey background also appears in the inventory.
- Added message for other players levelling up.
- Added colored item backgrounds on the hotbar to mimic the inventory panel. (Red if cursed, yellow if unidentified etc)
- Barbarians now start with 2 tomahawks.
- Buying/selling 'Worthless Glass' items no longer has a chance to increase your trading proficiency.
- 'Light' spell no longer enhances your magic or spellcasting if they both are at the "Skilled" tier.
- Magicstaffs of light still grant a chance to raise both.
- Added option to manipulate hotbar with the number keys in the settings -> misc tab.
- If enabled, hovering over an inventory item and pressing 0-9 will place the item inside that hotbar slot.
- Hovering over the hotbar and pressing 0-9 will send an item to that slot, and swap any existing item to your cursor.
- Reduced regular Automaton spawn rate in the caves.
- Adjusted monster alliances, new monsters aren't always only allies or enemies, can be neutral.
- This prevented some monsters from ever attacking back, or being alerted when a player attacked any other monster.


- Fixed issue where spells could aggro friendlies if Friendly Fire was off.
- Fix teleporting out of bounds on the upper and leftmost boundaries.
- Fixed issue where cursed source of HP/MP regeneration would drastically improve regen rather than reduce.
- Monsters no longer equip items while they're asleep.
- Fix client items freezing in mid-air occasionally when dropped.
- Added check to prevent boulders spawning above doorways.
- Added check to remove any leftover 'submap' tiles in the map after generation. (Replaced with air tiles)
- A follower dying will now report the correct owner's name in the obituary. (Previously the text would always say the player being messaged owned it)
- Fixed visual glitch when charging a sling or bow and changing weapons.
- Fixed being able to mine/dig 'lava' or 'water' blocks
- Fixed issue where a magic reflection item's status could underflow and never break.
- Using a proficiency no longer grants experience points after hitting 'Legendary' . (Previously you continued to 'level up' and gain EXP)
- Fixed a 'doubleshot' exploit when swapping to a crossbow from a charged melee weapon.
- Fixed /buddha mode dying due to fire and poison.
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Changelog for patch 3.1.0 (added 27 April 2018):


- Complete extended story! Investigate what lies beyond the crystal caves...
- Added separate save files for single and multiplayer games. E.g starting a new single player game will only delete the old single player game, and keep the multiplayer file intact.
- Added dialogue options to delete existing save games.
- Added warning on the single/multiplayer select to notify player if there is an existing save file and that it will be deleted.
- Added some new server flags, 'Classic' and 'Hardcore'.
- Classic mode will finish the playthrough at the end of the Cursed Edition maps.
- Hardcore mode significantly increases the stats and levels of all enemies in the game, and also reduces the reaction time of all melee monsters. This mode is entirely experimental at this point.
- Added autosorting functionality to player inventories. Accessible through a button next to the inventory panel, or with a configureable hotkey (default 'R').
- Priorities are configureable for different item categories (weapons, equipped items, gems etc) through the settings->misc tab.
- Setting a priority from 1-9 will cause those items to be sorted from left to right, highest priority (9) will be sorted first
- Setting a priority from -1 to -9 will cause those items to be sorted from right to left, highest priority (-9) will be sorted first
- Reworked layout in boss map. Players who fully explore the dungeons can now have an easier time during the fight.
- Updated scores file format, now has capability to embed new challenges and statistics. Added some new 'conducts' at the scores display page (such as hardcore, multiplayer etc) to provide more information about the run.
- Added in separate scores files for singleplayer and multiplayer. Increases the maximum amount of scores from 10 to 30 for each.


- Increased minimum spawn rates of monsters in all tilesets. Floors should no longer spawn with almost no monsters.
- Slightly adjusted food generation balance in multiplayer. Separate food spawn rates have been slightly reduced, but the items on the ground now have a chance to have a quantity higher than 1 depending on the amount of players.
- Exiting secret levels no longer skips one of the regular floors. Previously the level progression go mines level 2 -> secret level -> mines level 4. Now goes mines level 2 -> secret level -> mines level 3. Underworld maps still retain the old behavior as a speedrun tactic and passage to the alternate route.
- Vertical magic traps now have a shorter impact delay.
- Hunger rate is now reduced on boss maps.
- Increased the difficulty of the Great Castle map and it's inhabitants.

- Buffed vampire melee damage
- Buffed shadow proficiencies with weapons, deal slightly more damage.
- Removed Goatmen from the Caves tileset, moved to the Citadel. Buffed stats to match the new living quarters. Goatmen now spawn as weaker 'lesser' Goatmen in Hell.
- Adjusted initial reaction time for ranged monsters, now will attack instantly if they previously did not have a target. Prevents ranged monsters from immediately backing up and losing sight before a shot is made.
- Buffed Ghoul miniboss and followers.
- Monsters with higher STR now beat down doors faster.
- Monsters now attempt to move out of the way after being hit by a magic trap.
- Humans and other followers no longer walk over spike traps.
- Buffed Minotaur and increased Minotaur arrival delay in levels 25 and beyond. Minotaur now is enemies with more of the Blessed Addition monster set.
- Shadows now bleed and leave particles on death.
- Magic traps casting the Sleep spell now have a chance to not reapply effect to currently sleeping creatures. Chance to not reapply is improved with magic resistance.
- Shopkeepers reconcile their grudges with humans immediately after the ruins as a once-off. Re-aggroing shopkeepers in the Caves and onwards will cause the vendetta to reapply.
- Shopkeepers now carry new spells to defend themselves after the ruins map.

- Monk no longer starts with a slingshot.
- Monk starting shield proficiency reduced by 1 tier.
- Arcanist now starts with purple hood and cape
- Sexton now starts with a fez hat.
- Oh yeah, we added a fez hat.

- Reworked Sneak proficiency capstone:
- Now only provides invisibility if sneaking with no off-hand held item.
- Quadruples backstab and doubles flanking bonus damage output.
- Invisibility is broken temporarily when attacking or casting spells.
- Rebalanced spellcasting capstone, Player now learns the Forcebolt spell with 0 mana cost instead of Magic Missile.
- CON now decreases the duration of Sleep status effect.

- Added auto-stacking of items when picked up or successfully appraising them.
- Implemented Artifact tier armor.
- All equipment that grants stat bonuses now take into account the blessing. E.g +2 glasses now provide +3 PER instead of always +1 PER.
- Scrolls of Remove curse and Identify now open up a GUI for the player to select an item.
- Spellbooks now deteriorate by 1 use after learning the spell from it.
- Added/Implemented Blindfold of Telepathy and Blindfold of Focus. Blindfolds now apply a lingering blind effect for a short duration when unequipped.
- Crystal tier weapon damage increased from 7 to 10 base attack.
- Adjusted item stacking behavior, now items such as armor, weapons and magicstaffs no longer stack. Consumables such as thrown items, gems, food etc will stack.
- Blocking with a light source (torch, latern) now lights up the area even more for the player.
- Mirror shield now requires facing the incoming magic projectile when blocking in order to reflect spells.
- Rebalanced fountain enchantments, now will enchant only 1 piece of equipment usually, and has a rare chance to enchant all worn equipment as it did before.
- Added negative effects for cursed potions.
- Thrown blessed potions of water now deals additional damage to the undead.
- Potions of Healing and Extrahealing now grant bonus healing depending on the CON stat. Bonus is 2x and 4x CON respectively.
- Slightly reduced healing rate from sources of HP regeneration. Healing rate is now improved with blessing.


- Added buttons in the scores/character creation/in game stats page to rotate the player model.
- Updated main menu logo, music and background maps.
- Added in ability to drop held gold on the floor. Accessible when hovering over the player's gold count in the stats panel and pressing the USE key.
- Added in settings option to disable torch/other light sources from flickering.
- Added in locking functionality to the 'Party Stats'/proficiencies panel. Keeps the panel open while the inventory is closed to monitor your party's status. Can be enabled via the settings menu or by clicking the locking image on the panel.
- Added health regeneration rate to CON tooltip.


- Added new music track to the mines and swamps map.


- Added customisable decoration tiles with configureable height, direction and model numbers (model number taken from models.txt)
- Added customisable shopkeeper types through the NPC flag property. Allows shopkeeper to always be equipment/jewelry/etc. merchant.


- Fixed issue where chests sometimes causes a crash when the opener died.
- Fixed issue where players would get notified of any monster's level ups.
- Fixed issue where multiplayer clients were not identifying picked up items when appraisal was maxed out
- Fixed missing equip text on the vampire doublet.
- Fixed issue where teleporting as a client may not result in any movement.
- Fixed issue where tinned food would always display the same prefix, now all variants are shown on the item text.
- Added failsafe for monster pathing if stuck inside a gate, monster should back up away from their location and try path elsewhere.
- Fixed issue where attempting to paralyze or sleep an immune monster would still display the monster succumbed to the status effect.
- Fixed issue where Automaton explosion animations still continued if the monster died partway through.
- Fixed issue where items would continue to levitate if the table/podium they were placed on was destroyed.
- Fixed issue in editor where EXCELLENT status items were being shown as DESTROYED ingame.
- Fixed issue where explosion sprites would stop a monster from pathing towards the enemy who cast the spell.
- Fixed issue where 'Drain Soul' spell could crash if the caster died.
- Fixed rare issue where map generation could fail when using submap tiles.
- Fixed issue where clients holding a thrown item may fail to throw anything at all, but lose the held item.
- Fixed issue where mirror shield would not take priority over a magic reflection amulet or ring. Now successfully blocking with the mirror shield will prevent degradation of the other equipment.


- Refactored entity lookups when only searching through monsters to improve performance.
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Changelog for patch 3.1.4 "Blessed Addition Update" (added 27 April 2018):


- Optimised game loop, should see massive improvements to performance!
- Adjusted monster pathing to improve performance, now monsters on the perimeter of maps will take several smaller path choices instead of 1 large path to reach the opposite end of the map. Monsters may stick to the edges of maps more.
- Reduced hunger count down tick rate and appraisal times when in multiplayer with 3 or 4 people to compensate for the reduced available loot to each player.
- Monsters will attempt to destroy furniture if it is in their warpath.
- Added tooltip for Dominate spell to hint at extra mana cost on top of the base mana cost.
- Added new slow sound effect.
- Adjusted shopkeeper/chest inventories to scale with dungeon level, now include higher tier gear such as crystal etc. Deeper dungeon levels now has reduced chance to spawn basic gear such as leather/bronze.
- Shopkeepers can now spawn blessed gear at increased prices past level 18. Players with a EXPERT appraisal will see blessed shop items highlighted in green.
- Bought items from a shop will now attempt to stack if possible.
- Multiplayer savegames now only delete when all players in the game have died. Prevents losing a savegame due to a player encountering a crash.
- Slightly reworked Sokoban:
- Add sound effect for completing the puzzle.
- Angering the gods can now spawn an Insectoid.
- Reward for completing the puzzle is reduced if boulders are destroyed by digging or pickaxe.
- The artifact armor piece now requires solving the puzzle to appear, subject to the gods rating on your boulder pushing performance.
- Add on-equip messages for all the new artifact armor pieces.
- Add delete score button in the scores window to delete 1 entry.
- Updated some story text backdrops.
- Added /mapseed command to print out the current map's seed.


- Fixed monsters being stuck inside doorways and never/rarely pathing out. Monsters react and move out of the way within a few game ticks.
- Fixed issue where the right sidebar was clickable when not in inventory panel
- Fixed issue where hardcode mode was too hardcore and inflated monster stats more than intended.
- Fixed issue where hitting a player with the locking spell would display 'you open the door'
- Fixed issue with fountains that caused desync of generated items in multiplayer
- Fixed crash when deleting multiplayer save games.
- Fixed cure ailment spell removing levitation, could cause you to fall to your death if casted over a pit.
- Fixed crash in caves secret level when killing the miniboss.
- Fixed issue where LEGENDARY spellcasting forcebolt spell cost 1 mana instead of 0 mana.
- Fixed issue where followers were disappearing after resuming a savegame.
- Fixed crash when attempting to drop gold while dead.
- Fixed crash when casting Opening spell on a column.
- Fixed edge cases of /buddha mode players encountering death.
- Fixed fountains in the Underworld map not spawning incubus or succubus if the fountain was surrounded by water tiles.
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Changelog for Patch 3.1.6 (added 27 August 2018):

- Added nicknames from winners of the Screenshot Contest to the random player name pool.
- Steam achievements are disabled if any modded map content is found, things like models/sounds will not affect this. A warning in the lower right of the screen will inform if achievements are disabled.
- Humans no longer pick up dropped magicstaffs as they don't equip them.
- NPCs now will wait 5 seconds before picking up a player-dropped item to avoid accidental theft of a dropped item.
- Thrown items can now be caught mid-air by players with right click or alternately bound use key. Includes Tomahawks/Daggers/Chakrams/Shurikens.
- Swamp Temple secret is now 100% spawn chance instead of 50%. Matches the other secret level occurrence rate with special loot.
- Added 'Use Previous Character" button to the character select screen to quickly jump back into your previous created character's name, sex, race and class. Sends you to the single/multiplayer select screen.
- "Boots of Speed" achievement now requires killing either boss instead of reaching the credits sequence.
- Added confirmation window when deleting scores in the statistics screen.
- Added new higher resolution editor sprites courtesy of Discord user Nubbie.
- Added extended help in the Editor explaining controls and tools, accessible via H hotkey or in the HELP menu dropdown.
- Rebinding right click to 'cast spell' no longer disables in-game menus and other UI breakages.
- Fixed Skeletons spamming sound when waking from sleep.
- Cleaned up some missing sound files and replacing with appropriate null.ogg file to prevent game logs being spammed with some missing audio messages.

Changelog for Patch 3.1.7 (added 27 August 2018):

Quality of Life/Misc Changes
- Added minimap "pinging" using the right mouse button/gamepad 'use' keybind on the minimap.
- Alerts all allies with a sound and flashing icon for a few seconds, up to 4 per player can be active.
- Added 4 separate player colors on the minimap. Followers now properly display for all players and are color coded.
- Minimap opacity and size can now be modified in the Video settings tab.
- Added minimap "zoom" hotkey, default is bound to 'X'. Toggles between 3 stages of minimap zoom.
- Added hotkey to hide the persistent chat/event log. Default is bound to 'L'.
- Added specific obituary text for falling from death when levitation runs out.
- Added Vertical Sync menu option to the Video settings tab.
- Added UI scaling options to the Video settings tab. Character sheet, HP/MP bars, hotbar, inventory, skills sidebar, and chat log can now be scaled via the settings menu.
- Improved the 'End game' and 'Disconnect' confirmation window text to better describe what happens when the button is clicked. Clicking disconnect no longer deletes multiplayer savefiles.
- Gameplay Changes
- Trading items worth 0 or 1 gold no longer increases Trading proficiency once the SKILLED level is reached.
- Trading more expensive items (150+ gold) has a higher chance to increase Trading proficiency.

- Fixed slight delay when clicking 'start game' which could lead to some long load times due to checking if modded content was installed. Now mod content will only be checked if the 'Custom Content' or 'Workshop' menu options have been selected in the session.
- Fixed some overlapping text in the Workshop subscribed item list browser. Better handled printing out descriptions.
- Fixed Angel of Death achievement triggering off non-ally characters.
- NPCs no longer pick up invisible items (Sokoban reward).
- Fixed issue where bear traps could be placed in air gaps while levitating.
- Fixed issue where slippery fingers dropped a cursed weapon. Now item remains in hand as a proper curse should!
- Fixed Brawler achievement being disqualified if pressing the cast magic key without a spell equipped.
- Pickaxes now have a small delay when digging that prevents switching equipment during the animation. Should reduce rare bug where item durability could underflow and cause crashes.
- Fixed right-clicking on the hotbar in shop window not notifying the player where to actually click to sell items (should be in from inventory).
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Changelog for Patch 3.2.1 (added 27 August 2018) - Part I:

- Added nametags for all players that appear above your avatar. Can be turned off in the video settings tab.
- Added support for up to 10 singleplayer and 10 multiplayer (non-modded and modded) save files with a new custom menu.
- Changed the name format of savegames, these also now reside in a /savegames/ folder under the Barony directory.
- Savegames are sorted by date, most recent appears at the top
- When 10 slots are filled of either singleplayer or multiplayer, the oldest entry will be deleted on starting a new game
- Singleplayer saves are now named savegameX.dat and savegameX_npc.dat
- Multiplayer saves are now named savegameX_mp.dat and savegameX_mp_npc.dat
- Modded saves are now named savegameX_modded.dat, savegameX_mp_modded.dat etc
- If you have an existing savefile when updating, you just need to rename your savefile to match the above formats (e.g savegame0.dat and savegame0_npc.dat) and move it into the /savegames/ folder.
- Linux OS Barony output files are now located under the home user directory inside a .barony folder (~/.barony)
- Savegames, default.cfg, log.txt and mods are all written to the user's home directory to prevent access issues when writing data.

Gameplay Changes - Followers:
- Overhauled follower and leadership system
- Followers can now be controlled using a radial menu, replacing the previous right-click 'move aside' behavior.
- Options include:
- Wait/Follow (novice) - Allies will either stay in place (within a 5x5 area of their location when told to stop) or follow the player. If told to stop in a smaller room like 3x2 they will stay within the confines of that room.
- Drop Equipment (skilled) - Allies surrender some or all od their equipment, depending on the leadership skill of the player. Dropped equipment via this method are counted as 'player-owned' and allies will have the existing 5 second delay in re-picking up player items.
- Toggle Class (skilled) - Selecting this will toggle an ally's "class", current options are "mixed", "melee" and "ranged". Upon recruitment allies start as mixed class, and if that creature is of the type to auto-pick up items on the ground (humans, automatons, goblins, goatmen) it will pick up anything as before.
- "Ranged" classes will only auto-pick up crossbows, shortbows, slings for weapons (excludes magicstaffs) and only some of the lighter armor variants. (E.g Steel/Crystal breastpieces/helms/shields are excluded)
- "Melee" classes will skip over ranged weapons and stack on all gear they find.
- Item Pickup (basic) - Toggles between "all", "unowned" and "none", and upon recruitment defaults to "unowned".
- Selecting "none" makes sure allies do not replace their equipment with any loot, and "unowned" will only pick up items that were not dropped by a player. "All" will pick up all items, and retain the 5 second delay for player-owned items.
- Move To (basic) - Selecting this allows you to specify a point for your ally to move towards in the world. Upon reaching the destination (if pathable), allies shift their stance into "wait" rather than follow and wait for further movement instruction.
- Allies are receptive to their surroundings during this state, and will engage in combat if any enemies are along the way. It is possible to pull an ally out of combat using this command as long as they can escape their attacker without being hit.
- Targeting a point to move uses the up/down look axis (a first in the Barony world!), so you can point to which exact tile on the map (or minimap) where to go. Alternatively pointing at a wall with have your ally path to the tile in front of the wall.
- After reaching a destination, allies will do a quick scan in the area to check for enemies.
- Attack/Interact - As with "Move To", selecting this activates a targeting cursor. The difference is this will target entities rather than tiles in the world. Depending on the type of entity hovered over, a prompt for "attack" or "interact" will appear.
- Attacking (expert) - Selecting a monster in the world will force your ally to target the selected monster, provided it is an enemy. It is also said that with enough persuasion, ANY monster can be an enemy!
- If the player is too inexperienced in Leadership, "Attack" as a command will not be available, and will indicate as non interactable when selecting any creature.
- Interacting (basic) - Certain types of entities are set as interactable depending on the creature type of your follower.
- If a monster can wield items (generally humanoids), then selecting an item will force equip the item onto your ally. Monsters will never unequip items given to them in this fashion.
- Auto equipping new items will only reoccur when the forced item has broken. Cursed items on the ally can not be swapped out. Rings and amulets can also be equipped using this command - but are hard to remove!
- Certain allies (fleshy, non-otherworldly beings) can eat food if interacted with to provide a small heal + temporary bonus to HP regen if high quality. The better the food, the greater the heal + regen effects.
- Allies have a decreasing hunger meter like players do, however there are no side effects to under or over-satiation. The creature will refuse food if over-satiated. Healing via food has a chance to raise leadership skill.
- Humans can have a hard time handling spoiled food, but the other creatures in the dungeons seem to handle a bit of mould a-ok.
- And finally, a select few allies can interact with a couple "world" entities. This includes humans, goblins, automatons, goatmen, kobolds and gnomes. Currently this is limited to removing torches off the walls and flipping levers.
- Rest (skilled) - Your ally falls asleep and has increased HP regen for 30-60 seconds. Usable once per floor, for each ally.
- Options on the wheel are locked out based on their required "skill level". The player's effective skill level is Charisma + Leadership proficiency (0 to 100, named proficiency tiers above novice have 20 points difference).
- Options are also locked out depending on the "rank" of the monster. Humans are basic creatures and so their requirements are as per the base levels above. Each rank above 1 typically increases the skill requirements by 20 points.
Rank 1
- human
- rat
- slime
- scorpion
- spider
- skeleton
Rank 2
- goblin
- troll
- ghoul
- gnome
- scarab
- automaton
- succubus
Rank 3
- imp
- demon
- kobold
- incubus
- insectoid
- goatman
Rank 4
- crystal golem
- cockatrice
- shadow
- vampire

Other Follower Changes:
- Number of allowed followers to recruit via interacting has been rescaled. Formula is now max 4 followers below EXPERT proficiency, then +2 for each rank (EXPERT, MASTER). Legendary Leadership grants follower cap of 25.
- (Previously was 1 follower per 4 Leadership, to a max of 25.)
- Followers now are granted some XP when their leader kills something. (Previously no XP was awarded, only followers that killed monsters would gain XP)
- Followers now have a chance to block during combat, influenced by their Shield proficiency and the leader's Leadership proficiency.
- Followers that would retreat on low health now do not retreat if the leader's combined Charisma and Leadership proficiency is greater than EXPERT (60)
- Human spawn LVL is now scaled depending on tileset. Each tileset past the mines increases their LVL by 3 + random 0 to 3. (E.g swamp is 6-9, Labyrinth is 9-12). Followers are not affected by this scaling, only random spawns.
- Added reduced human spawns in the later tilesets instead of all automatons for ally options (caves/citadel).
- Added followers to the right-hand side party sheet to show their HP and LVL (previously only other players were shown). If the list of followers is too long then the remaining entries are scrollable.
- New default keybinds for followers:
- (Remaps the default turn left/right/up/down to the arrow keys if these are conflicting, all are rebindable in the controls menu.)
- Follower Wheel Open (right click/use) - Clicking on a follower at any distance in the world will bring up the follower menu. You can either hold right click, move the mouse and release right click to make a selection, or right click once, move mouse and right click again.
- You can also open the menu by right clicking the follower entry in the party sheet. Using the hold right click - select - release right click method over the party sheet brings the mouse quickly back up to the party sheet to quickly select other followers.
- Quick Follower Wheel (c) - Brings up the follower menu for your last selected follower no matter where they are (last selected follower is highlighted in light blue on the party sheet).
- Cycle Followers (e) - Cycles through the currently selected follower in your followers list. Cycling then pressing 'c' will open the menu for the new ally.
- Repeat Last Command (q) - Re-issues the last command to the currently selected follower. E.g can be used to issue successive 'move to' commands or toggle 'wait' and 'follow'.
- If your Starcraft APM is high enough you can use this to quickly issue 'move to' or 'attack' for all followers if you also cycle with 'e' hotkey.
- Select As Last Follower (left click) - Left clicking on a follower entry in the party sheets sets them as the last selected follower for use with the menu or last command hotkey.
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Changelog for Patch 3.2.1 (added 27 August 2018) - Part II:

Gameplay Changes - Continued
- Added new item - "Magicstaff of Charm Monster", appears in random generation similar to fire and lightning magicstaffs.
- On hit has a chance to charm a monster into becoming a permanent follower. If charming fails, then it will inflict a "pacify" status effect.
- Has a base chance of 80% to inflict Charm. Monsters of higher "rank" (detailed in the follower section of the changelog) will have reduced chance to be charmed, 30% per rank past the lowest. Has no effect on bosses, shadows or cockatrices.
- Successfully charming a monster increases the caster's Leadership proficiency.
- "Pacify" status effect temporarily causes a monster to forcibly retreat and lose it's ability to attack.
- Charm chance is increased by the caster's Charisma and Leadership proficiency.
- Charm chance is increased if the target is under the 'drunk' or 'confused' status effects.
- Charm chance is increased if the target is not engaged in combat.
- Shopkeepers are immune to charm, however can be pacified and will reset any grudges for players in the game.
- Monsters dominated or charmed will stop being attacked by other new-found allies and also reset their aggro.
- Succubus and Incubus can now cast 'Charm Monster' to recruit allies. Killing a succubus has a chance to drop a magicstaff of charm monster.
- Poison status effect damage is now increased with the target's max HP pool, roughly 1 additional damage per 20 HP. Previously was a constant 3 HP damage tick.
- Bleed status effect damage is now increased with the target's max HP pool, roughly 1 additional damage per 30 HP. Previously was a constant 1 HP damage tick. Effect damage is reduced by 1 HP per 5 Constitution.
- Bleed ending early HP is now 5 + Constitution. Previously always stopped at 5 HP remaining if the effect was still active.
- Monster health bars now have a small depleting animation to show the damage dealt.
- Cursed healing potions now have reduced (but positive) healing effects and also apply poison status effect.
- Cursed restore mana potions now have reduced (but positive) restoring effects and also apply slow status effect.
- Caves secret level now disables opening and locking spells.

- Boulders now leave a small blood trail when obliterating something.
- Monsters now repath if getting stuck pathing on a boulder after a couple of ticks.
- Monsters now repath away from a horizontal spell trap's source after being hit instead of having a chance to repath again into the firing line.
- Caves and Citadel secret levels now use their respective tileset music + battle themes instead of default tracks.
- /die console command now works for multiplayer clients.
- Add /togglesecretlevel console command to force toggle the level/secretlevel.txt lists on next map change.
- Add /seteffect x command to inflict a status effect on the player for debugging, where x is the numerical index of the status effect.

- Fixed bug where attacking friendlies up-close would not trigger their aggro. Friendlies should now quickly retaliate, including Shopkeepers.
- Fixed bug where digging around a boulder trap could cause boulders to drop where they visually shouldn't.
- Fixed bug where singleplayer savefiles were not immediately deleting on death.
- Fixed bug where minotaur music would not play during regular levels on minotaur spawn.
- Fixed death music not playing due to combat music overwriting it.
- Fixed erratic behavior when using % signs in chat. Now should print out properly formatted.
- Fixed bug (potentially?) where a floating arm would remain on screen when dead.
- Fixed bug where female monster event messages would display the male variant.
- Fixed editor not using vertical sync and running uncapped at approximately 120958912099081250908 frames per second.
- Fixed sleep spell name being internally referred to as the opening spell.
- Fixed bug where a monster arm animation could get stuck and animate the wrong way, affected monsters with throwing weapons.
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Changelog for Patch 3.2.2 (added 28 September 2018):

- Greatly optimised entity lookups for pathfinding, targeting and movement. Tiles now keep track of what entities reside on them.
- Initial level load times heavily improved.
- Pickaxes/digging spell stutter reduced from 500ms worst case to < 1ms. Miners rejoice!
- Improved frame-rate limiter to a higher performance counter for smoother fps.
- Added tooltips to options in the 'misc' settings menu for clarity.
- Added setting in the 'audio' section to mute music and sounds when the Barony window is not in focus.
- Added setting under 'video' to show skill values (trading, magic, leadership etc) as numbers (20 / 100) rather than tiers (master, novice).
- Boulders now properly destroy furniture as they roll through them rather than clipping through.
- Added notification on enabling /brawlermode to show if the achievement is active or the current run requires a reset.
- Fixed boulder traps spawning on top of entities they shouldn't (again!). Traps will be removed if they generate above a chest/door or other collidable object.
- Fixed camera turn up/left/down/right getting rebound if bound to the previous default keybinds of q,e,z,c.
- Fixed minotaur/hunger icons being blocked when HP/MP bars were set to a higher UI scale.
- Fixed furniture displaying incorrect 'ghost' HP boxes when switching targets from a monster.
- Fixed score window monster kill text spilling outside the window.
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Changelog for Patch 3.2.3 (added 19 March 2019):

- Holding left or right ALT while "using" a potion forces it to be equipped in your hand. (e.g Potions of Polymorph auto drink on right click, now can be quickly held in hand without using the inventory menu). Default combination is ALT + right clicking inventory/hotbar or ALT + hotbar number keys (0-9).
- Polymorphed or otherwise monstrous players now can make idle monster sound effects via the "use" hotkey and selecting nothing on screen. Default binding is right click.
- Added setting to mute idle player-made monster sound effects in the settings->audio tab.
- Drinking a bottle of water now also dissipates the effects of Polymorph (Swimming in water, drinking from a regular sink are the other ways to negate Polymorph on players)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Alchemy recipe "juice + confusion = confusion". Now creates booze.
- Fixed Alembics stacking behavior, now should never stack.
- Fixed incorrect female Insectoid arm models.
- Fixed error message spam when dying while having the chest GUI open.
- Fixed allied monsters not pathing through other players.
- Fixed Unarmed damage against monsters, previously used incorrect damage multipliers and some Liches were immortal to punches.
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Update to Version: 3.2.3 Hotfix 1 (4 July 2019)
No changelog.