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I've noticed in v3.2.1 that there is no way to bind the Q and E keys for turning left and right. If the user goes to Settings -> Bindings and tries to set these keys with Q and E, the game only remembers the settings during the current run. But if the game is saved, closed, and relaunched, the Turn Left and Turn Right mappings are reverted back to the Left and Right arrow keys.

I'm using the Windows version of Barony v3.2.1. Has anyone else encountered this bug? Is there a way to get the game to permanently remember these settings?
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If I set the keys, save and close the game then the default.cfg file shows this:
/bind 20 IN_TURNL
/bind 8 IN_TURNR

But if I load the game back up then the game overwrites the default.cfg file to say this:
/bind 80 IN_TURNL
/bind 79 IN_TURNR

That reverts the Q and E keys back to the left and right keys which I don't use for the game.
Any update on this bug?