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Has anyone else installed the widescreen and GUI mods and noticed that the mouse scrolling is off? It still scrolls when it hits the edges which is what it should do but the diagonal directions are all offset so when I go to scroll down and have the cursor just to the right of the centre of the screen, it registers that I'm in the bottom right corner.

Because of the GUI mod, I'm restricted to running in 1280x800 and I suspect the diagonal edge detection is still registering as if the game was running at 640x480.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can fix this? Its hardly a game breaking issue but it can be a bit annoying when I'm trying to scroll quickly
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I think it's just hard-coded into the game. I noticed it a few days ago and don't think there's much you can do to fix it.
I am having this same issue. Installed the mods listed on the "conservative modder's guide", 1280 x 800 as well.