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I was planning a new run as I tend to play BG every year or two. And distractions from the real world never hurt anyone right now.

Anyway... I was looking over romances to see which I'd do since I'd use a party and thinking of using a race I never used (shorties) as I tended towards solo sorc runs for a long time.

Dwarf? No romance from the original set. SOL.

Gnome? Hope you like Aerie. She'll only love you because she got groomed by a gnome.

But Halfling? You're rolling in it. You have your pick of the bunch.

Why are halflings so hot? These women love manlets.
Must be the hairy feet. ;) (Back in early editions of D&D, halflings were pretty much straight-up rip-offs of Tolkien's hobbits, just with a name change.)
Maybe it was thought as compensation for their strength disadvantage if they forgot that they made natural strength useless because of the many items which set it to a high value.
Back in the early days of D&D, before PCs were invented, there was a set of rules for Half elf + Half halfling. (don't recall where this came from - issue of Dragon? pamphlet purchased at a con? dunno. Haven't seen it in 30 years. Maybe got lost in a move.) Anyway, their defining characteristic was their charisma. They were so adorable that no one could resist them.
I only ever romanced Aerie.

Well ... once tried to romance Viconia but evil is just no fun.

I mean the evil characters are funny but their constant complaints about being heroes and having to keep the reputation at 18 isnt.

Neither is the higher shop prices.