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Hey all,

Just wanted to say this is my first post and I looked back a few pages but couldn't really find anything towards answering my question so I thought I would ask the community instead. Also just an FYI im no techy so any explanations of what you know would be greatly appreciated.

I have been going back and forth between BG1 from this site and steams sale of BG:EE which is a mere $4.99. I don't really care which version has more content or not or the legal battles between Atari and co, I just want to play this game and not run into millions of bugs. I have heard nightmare stories of BG:EE and was wondering if this version of BG works fresh out of the box for any pc/laptop?

BG:EE apparently doesn't support intel based cards and I have a Samsung 7 series which comes with i7, Intel switchable graphics (i guess the other card being AMD). Will BG be fine on my computer and would BG:EE also still be fine because I have switchable graphics or is this just a really dumb question?

To those who have played both versions which did you prefer and which one ran better? I just want to finally play this game once and for all and not have it crash every other second.

Also my last question if I were to get BG from here are there any necessary patches that GOG doesn't provide that are vital to complete the story or is the game sold in perfect condition with little to no bugs??

Thanks for the help!
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GOG is definitely less buggy. The only thing that could be considered 'missing' is perhaps the Baldurdash fixes but they really aren't essential. I last tried EE about a month ago on my daughter's iPad and I couldn't even complete the Firebead Elvenhair mini-quest in Candlekeep due to a bug that had been known of for some time (I realize this probably means nothing to you, but it's one of the very first and most obvious quests in the game, which threw up a huge red flag for me.) Despite many saying they haven't run into bugs yet, they are still a common experience in EE, and there will be no fixes until the stuff with Atari is worked out.

I can't see the GOG version having any issues on your computer (it's run fine on all of my crappy netbooks) but I can't say for sure.
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As I wrote in a different topic here the other day, I would recommend to get GOG's version instead of BG:EE. There are far less bugs (and less severe bugs) in GOG's version, and BG:EE is in a copyrights battle right now, so all work on it has been suspended, including on much-needed patches.

You don't NEED any patches to play BG1, but I do still recommend to use easytTutu (or BGT) and play the game in the improved BG2 engine. You can complete the game fine without it, but it makes for a better experience since the GUI and engine is better. Other than that, there are heaps and heaps of mods you CAN use, but none are really needed. I am using a Fixpack and some elements from a Tweakpack too, but I wouldn't say they are needed, certainly not to complete the game. It runs fine as it is.
Switchable GFX? Do you mean sth like Nvidia Optimus or ATI sth with an integrated GPU for displaying desktop?

If you do, BG:EE should be fine. I completed the game a couple of months ago and didn't find any problems with that. No bugs, no crashes etc. It was a really good experience.

All in all, if you can spend a couple of $$ during current Steam sale, I would recommend going for it, even despite current legal disputes. I mean, BG gog provides good vanilla experience, yet with EE many things seem easier or better.

In other words, it all depends on the experience you are looking for. If you search for vanilla, go for GOG.

If you want the same adventure but doesn't care for the 1998 feel, but in a new attire, go for EE. Despite what some people say, it is worth the money, especially the one during steam sale. Also, after completing the game, you can still import your char into BG2