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I am getting that weird fog of war glitch and on the thread that deals with this a proposed fix was:

"Setting Color Depth to 16 and turning on Software Mirror BLT was the only way I could fix that problem."

get the colour depth thing, but what Software Mirror BLT? Have googled it and there is not much out there (this forum gets returned in the top few results, from that thread) and the only thing I have garnered is that it has something to do with easytutu (am I correct). But from what I gather with that, you have to have BG2 installed.

Can someone explain?
It should be a checkbox option in your BG1 graphics settings.
Grombart: It should be a checkbox option in your BG1 graphics settings.
I have never found any graphics settings. in the config menu there are none and when in the game top menu there is only 'single player', 'multi players', ' movies' and 'quit'.

Where are the graphics settings.
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You can only reach the options when you start a game (or load a savegame of course) and then enter the menu. There you will find the options tab which splits into sound, graphics and gameplay options. :)
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