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Hey everyone after completeing the amazing Planescape Torment, I have decided to move on to another rpg great, Baldur's Gate II. Now many would argue the most important decision is your first, what kind of character to make? Now keep in mind I have never beaten this game, Iv only gotten about 40% thorugh Id imagine. So for classes I was thinking something like this.

Monk or Cleric/Ranger. Possibly even swashbuckler.

Now I need you guyses help. I am definately leaning towards a monk, something about pummeling guys with my fists and gaining AC every other level is very appealing. But then again I love thieves and it seems like Id enjoy swashbuckler the most out of the kits. A Cleric/Ranger is just a thought.
Most important is that you like your character so you don't get bored during the game, the battles can be won either way.

Be aware that monks are very weak in the beginning and it takes some time to get powerful, are you patient enough for this ?

Make sure your character starts with 18 str, dex and at least 16 (18 fro the R/C) con, extra AC and HP do make a difference.
Thanks for the comment. Now what are your thoughts on swashbucklers, or do you have any suggestions for a fun newbie class?
Swashbuckler can be fun. You level up fast and get lots of XP for locks and traps, you can scout and set traps, kit bonuses improve until level 40, you won't get bonus attacks like fighters but when you reach level 24 you can take whirlwind HLAs for 10 attacks per round doing more damage than pure fighters because of the to hit and damage kit bonuses, with the increasing AC bonus you can afford to lead the party.

Best race for swashbuckler is halfling because of the big saving throw bonus (+1 to the 3 important ones for every 3.5 con), 19 dex and thieving skill bonuses.
But gnome, half-orc (19 str at the start) or elf (18 str and 19 dex) are nice too, every race including human is playable, there are only little racial differences.
Thanks for the reply but Iv decided to roll a monk. Im clearing the d'arnise stronghold and its not too tough. Any advice on making money or on golems? Golems really make me mad.
Clay golems can only be hurt by magical blunt weapons, iron golems only by +3 weapons or better, maybe your monk fists will be sufficient when you gained enough levels, until then you can buy and use the scarlet ninja-to.
A way to make money is pickpocketing and selling the stolen stuff to a fence if you don't mind save/reload, but you'll get enough money sooner or later.