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Seems to be my day for problems!

So I've experienced this a few times: I enter a location and there is an NPC I want to talk to. So I click to select the NPC but nothing happens.

If I mouse over the scroll shows who the NPC is, but I can't interact with them.

I had this with Firebeard on my first game and nothing I could do would make him talk to me. Most recently I have this with Scar. I went to talk to him after finding the dopplegangers in Seven Suns and he gave me some exp but sent me back.

I found another in the cellar. Then there's the prisoner down there. I couldn't talk to him until I left the cellar and went back in.

But with Scar I just can't talk to him (or to Fergus whoever he is) even leaving and coming back, I just can't click on him.

Character has a CHR of 17 and Reputation 20.

Any ideas what's going on? I get the feeling Scar is important for the main quest and that if I can't interact with him I am going to have a problem.


Ah should have tried this before posting.

Saving & reloading I was able to talk to Scar again and finish the Seven Suns quest.

Unfortunately I don't seem able to mark my own post as an answer to my question so I guess this one will go unsolved :)

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Sounds like you may have a corrupted install. I'd try reinstalling the game (if you plan on playing through again).
It's just a bug. Reloading solves the problem, as you've figured out.