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I am fiddling with an EasyTUTU game with TutuGUI v18 installed. It only worked properly with a resolution set in the widescreen mod of 1024x768. That's all fine and good, but I have a 30 inch monitor. That means the window is quite small. What can I do with my current hardware that will make the window bigger without borking anything? And also, is there a netbook or laptop out there that really rocks for playing GOG stuff on? Thanks.
I play fullscreen at 1920x1200 if you can't get it to work any bigger than 1024x768 you probably installed something wrong, make sure you have the TutuGUI w/ widescreen mod support installed before the Widescreen Mod, I usually make these my last two mod installs. that's just my guess though
30 inch monitor (holy fish!).

I suggest you trying playing the game resolutions of 1600x900 or 1366x768 in window mode, using a widescreen mod.

Playing the game in window mode will provide 1:1 pixel ratio for raster image assets on the game to display them on screen.

If you play the game in full screen with maximum resolution, Game objects will look extremely tiny if you sit VERY far from your big monitor. Make up for this, by playing the game in full screen..with a resolution halfway down your monitor's size with the correct aspect ratio.
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Yes! Thank you both. I had installed the widescreen and gui mods in the wrong order. I will do it over once more though, so I can try 1600x900. Thanks again.