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So I had already raided the house where the rogue stone is before I got this quest and had sold the stone(don't remember where I sold it, it could be anywhere). I did however have another rogue stone that I stole from the Hall of Wonders. However Narlan won't accept that rogue stone and complains I woke the guy up even though I did no such thing.

So is there a cheat code that will create the specific rogue stone found in that house, or is there any other way of fixing this quest?

Edit: Nevermind I guess. It's been nearly 24 hours since I originally posted this question and I guess I'm getting impatient and want to play so I think I'm just going to start over. I really need to learn to remember to make more separate save files instead of just using quick save all the time. With my current game I'd have to go back a couple of chapters to the last time I actually did a proper save, so I might as well just start from the beginning again so I can fix other things I did wrong as well.

I'd just delete this post if there was a way to do that, but since there's not, I guess people can still answer the question if they want to, but I'm not going to keep my current game, so I won't have any way of testing the answers.
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It's just a generic rogue stone. The quest uses other triggers to set it as passed or failed. This is also why it's a good idea to have several saves, one of which is just before entering an area (like the Gate) for the first time. That way if something goes wrong you can go back and start it again.
You'll need shadowkeeper to set the variables as though you've done the quest (or it might work to unset the variables but then you'd need something like near infinite to reset the area in your saved game).
Unfortunately I've not got BG installed with a save-game at the moment to check which variables/area code.

It's not the end of the world / game if you don't help Narlen out, it's just that one quest and the 'epilogue' of another side-quest that gets affected.
Yeah I know it wasn't a major important quest or anything, but I figured I might as well start over since there were other things I wanted to do differently. I'm trying to remember to make more separate save files, but it's not always easy to determine good times to do it if I don't want to have a huge number of save files.