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So after a gap of many years, one of my favourite games of all time (BG2) is now back on my computer. It must be eight years or so since I played it, or indeed any D&D game.

Here's the question. I finished BG2 just short of a decade ago, and do remember some of it, but I bought the entire D&D package from the GOG sale last weekend. So I have the original Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale I & II, Neverwinter Nights I & II and Planescape Torment as well, and I have never played any of them (I may have fleetingly played Neverwinter Nights, but I don't remember it). Do I dive straight back into BG2, or do I go elsewhere? I don't get a huge amount of time play games anymore, so I am certainly tempted to try something new rather than tread over old ground. Part of me wants to make a character in BG and play it all the way through to the BG2 expansion. But that may be something that I never have time to complete, and even if I do it will take ages.

So, is it worth tracking back over BG2? Or should I go for one of the others first? If so, which one?
It seems (to me, anyway) a pretty simple decision. Given that you say you don't have the time to play games, you really should give something that you haven't played an airing. My own personal preference, since I wasn't taken on any of the others you mention, would be the original BG1 saga. You have already played the second part, so it would stand to reason that a look back at where your virtual BG2 character came from, and why, would be appropriate. If you should take that route, you would then have to ask yourself if you want to experience BG1 in it's original flawed glory (the older Infinity engine), or do you go for a mod that updates BG1 to play in the BG2 engine (EasyTuTu or BGT). That may be your hardest decision... or not.