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OK, encountered a strange problem. Running BG2 as I always have. This time when I went to multiplayer (I've always done this to make up all 6 characters), the session name I always use is there ("Alpha"). However, the second I go to that page it starts adding infinite "t"s to the end of the session name. So it's "Alphatttttttttttttttttttt..." It's not a keyboard problem - this occurs nowhere else on my computer.
I'm having a problem with naming my character. As soon as I bring up the name field with fills with 22222222222222222222222222 and I can't remove them. I tried creating the character on another computer where it runs fine and importing him, but I can't bypass the naming process and it happens all over.
Now doing it when I try to save a game too, except it's all "fffffffffffffffffffffff......"