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Hi, I was playing the modded version of the game that combines BG and BG2 and recently I've run into some problems. When I launch the game, the intro movies play fine. When they end, the last frame of the last movie stays on the screen for a few seconds while the title music plays. Then when I click BG the BG music plays while the other screen stays there for a few seconds. This continues until eventually I can load my game. Once I do that, it gets even worse.

The game seems to play at about one frame every 5 seconds, unless I have my mouse at the edge of the screen scolling the map with the party not in view, it runs perfectly fine. But as soon as the cursor moves on the middle of the screen or I can see the party, the game just goes back to one frame every 5 seconds.

BG and Planescape torment both seem to work fine, it's just BG2 that seems to be going wrong.

I'm on windows 8 64 bit, and I've already turned hardware acceleration off.