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Been tempted to have another go at Baldur's Gate recently, but I have switched to Linux now, so will need to get everything installed and in working order there. Have used easyTutu before, but figured maybe I should give BGT a proper try instead. But trying to locate a download link, I find out that are down, and lots of stuff are over there, including BGT downloads.

I hope it is just a temporary issue, but just in case, has it been down for long? Where else can I get BGT? Oh, and is there an easy way to get this baby working in Linux?
It's been down since at least Saturday just gone, and it's redirecting to a "This Domain Name Has Expired" page. Whether that is permanent is anybody's guess. You can get the mod itself from github.
It's probably temporary. SHS and G3 have had hosting issues since the dawn of the internet, but they're rarely down for more than a few days.
Thanks for the Git link, now I just need to get the base game working on Linux first, before the next battle :|

Hopefully this issue is temporary, because there is a lot of great stuff on that site.
It should be back up soon:
AndyBuzz: It should be back up soon
Just downloaded something, so it's up now.
AndyBuzz: It should be back up soon:
Thanks, good to see. It works for me too now :thup: