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This may have been answered and fixed years ago. I'm using BGEE version from 2016. It does not have the Siege of Dragonspear update. I don't want that, so I stick to this earlier version of the game.

So, my custom soundsets play correctly in the menu where you choose one, and they play in the correct order too, but when I try to use them in-game, all character selection sounds do not play. Everything else appears to work. What can I do to fix this? Thanks.
How did you name your custom sound files? The selection sound files should have names ending with F, G, H. For example, I imported one soundset from BG1 to BG2 and I named the selection sound files MALE6F, MALE6G, and MALE6H.
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Nothing out of the ordinary. I even tried my BG1 soundsets I used back in the day, same problem. No selection sounds.

Here is a sample of my own stuff. I even have a hilarious Arnold Schwarzenegger soundset I made myself if anyone's interested in me sharing. (Wherever user mods are uploaded here)

These old soundsets always worked like a charm in the original BG1 & BG2 games. (Non-Beamdog)
1.jpg (273 Kb)
2.jpg (272 Kb)
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Hmm. Check your Sound options and make sure the "Selection Sounds" is not set to "Never".
Selection sounds is set to always and command sounds is set to seldom. These are the default settings. The stock soundsets that come with the game are the only ones that work properly.

I'm using Windows 8.1, if that helps.
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It seems only BGEE has this problem. None of the other games (EE and non-EE) do.

Take a look at the image I attached. It's a screenshot of the file CHARSND.2DA from BGEE. Apparently this file "reserves" some slots for custom soundsets, and if you don't name the files properly, they won't work properly.

For custom sound files to work properly, you'll have to rename them to CUSTOMxx.WAV, in which the first "x" has to be from 0 to 9, and the second "x" can be 0 - 9 or a - z.

So your first custom soundset can look like CUSTOM0a, CUSTOM0b,..., up to CUSTOM0m.

The other option is to edit the file CHARSND.2DA and change all the "CUSTOMx" to whatever you want.

All the 5-digit numbers in the image are string references. They refer to the strings that contain the subtitles for the sound files. For the custom sound files, all those strings are empty strings. If you wish, you can use Near Infinity to edit the dialog.tlk file and add subtitles for your custom sound files.

Also, in this image, MALE1 to MALE8 correspond to the eight preset MALE soundsets, from IMPATIENT to JOVIAL.
charsnd.jpg (481 Kb)
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