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I found a thread that recommend mods for Baldurs Gate 1 EE especially for first time players and I got them.But I can't find anything similar for BG 2 EE.What mods would you recommend for BG2 EE.For someone who is playing these games seriously for the first time.
The EE doesn't need any mods.

It already comes with the bug fixes that used to be provided by the various Fixpacks, the BG2-engine-features-for-BG1 that were provided by EasyTutu and BGT, the screen resolution support that was provided by the Widescreen Mod, etc. So those mods are no longer applicable.

There are lots of optional mods, of course.
From the ones recommended in the stickied "Baldur's Gate 2 essential mods" thread, the following are still relevant to the EE:

* BG2 Tweak Pack -- It worked fine for me on BG2:EE version 1.3. It is currently being refactored and re-released as "Tweaks Anthology", and even though that's still in beta it's probably the safer choice for game version 2.x.

* Unfinished Business -- Latest version is fully compatible with BG2:EE.

* Banter Packs -- Latest version is fully compatible with BG2:EE.

My recommendation for a first-time player is this:
Install Unfinished Business if you are a completionist who values every tiny side quest, otherwise skip it.
Do not blindly install the Tweak Pack, which contains a huge number of controversial and weird components. You may want to install a few carefully selected components from it though, for example if you hate inventory management you could install the "Bottomless Bags of Holding" and "Unlimited Ammo Stacks" components. They're effectively cheats, but hey, it's a single-player game.

There are many other BG2:EE mods I really like, such as various quest mods, Spell Revisions, SCS... but I wouldn't recommend them for first-time players. They more for increasing the game's replayability and challenge for returning players.
Thanks for the mod recommendations.

For BG 1 EE I am using

BGEE+SOD Modmerge tool
BG1 NPC Project
BGEE Unfinished Business
BGEE Quests and Encounters
BGEE Small Non NPC Portraits
BGEE: Journal Fixer
BGEE Free Action Override
BGEE: Blur Remover

Would you reccomend any other or is this good?

For BG II EE I am using

BG2 Tweak Pack Carefully chosen options
Unfinished Business
and Banter Packs

Any other recommendations?
low rated
The "Uninstall Game" mod seems to be the most popular one these days, Fixes the whole mess.
EDIT: Whoops, Anthology was already mentioned. Nevermind.
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There is an Enhanced Edition Trilogy mod as well.
I know that Enhanced Editions are a divisive topic for some people and that not really an issue I want to get into.Then again I tend to be more forgiving then some on games.For example I didn't hate Thief 2014,it was fun while I played though I would have preferred if they took a page from the Dark Mod to be honest.

But as long as most of what Bioware intended is still in the game I don't care if some not as well right additional or optional content is present,I can power through it or if its optional just not do it.No skin of my back.

From what I've read that seems to be it for mods,in regards to Baldur's Gate II that I would have any interest in using since most of the rest is difficulty mods or probably not really in line with the lore.Though not that I really know that much in regards to Forgotten Realms Lore.
Ran into this one, a marked improvement over the GUI on almost all accounts to me and it works on both BGEE games:

EDIT: The previously mentioned bug with custom portraits has just been fixed.
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