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Hello fellow gamers and Forgotten Realms fans!

I have a question regarding the music in Baldur's Gate 1.

Is it just me, or does some musical bits play quite randomly? For instance, the first time I walked over the brigde to Baldur's Gate, "Entering Baldur's Gate" didn't play.

And a lot of times when I visit the temple of Helm in Nashkel, that particular music piece doensn't play either. Sometimes it does, and sometimes not, and sometimes it even plays "The Lady's House".

Now, I played this game when I but a mere kid, and I can't seem to remember if the music was this random or not?

Is it suppose to be like this or is there something wrong with my game/setup?
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The music in Baldur's Gate is handled by 'song' lists, with each area (not triggers, like crossing the bridge) having:

Day Song
Night Song
Victory Song
Battle Song
Defeat Song
Ambient Day (1)
Ambient Day (2)
Ambient Night (1)
Ambient Night (2)

The music (or song) handling is hard coded, but can be manipulated via the song lists (*.mus files). So yes, the music is random as far as the song lists make them random, meaning the music is not constant.
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Ok, thanks for the info!