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Random_Coffee: I have never played NWN, is it excellent for a hardcore BG-fan?
Hickory: If you're looking for a BG-like experience, do not look for it in NWN. Not even IWD can give you that. NWN is a good game, IF you can get past it's very many faults, which it has in abundance. Perseverance is the key here.

My advice is NOT to go watching Youtube gameplay videos, or reading reviews (I won't give one). Play the game, give it a chance and make your own mind up, because opinions will differ immensely.
Okay, sounds good enough. I will definetively pick NWN up at the next sale, or before, if i feel a sudden urge to try it. I will be playing IWD until then, i agree that it is doesn't match the BG-experience, but it's decent.

Yes, the BG1 fight was also hard, harder than the one in BG2. The hardest thing about the ToB end-fight was the insanely fast rapidly spawning monsters, most notably in the 3rd stage of the battle. It was all do-able after changing what spells i had memorized and trying various tactics though.
Random_Coffee: I played through BG1 last week and it became one of my favorite games ever. I have heard of people playing through the game with one character. To what degree is this do-able for a noob like me? What combination of class, race and skills are excellent for a solo-playthrough? After a while i grew very fond of Xzar's fireballs and the destructive melee-strikes of my fighter. Is fighter-mage a good combo? It sure would be fun to attempt this kind of playthrough! And also, should i use the original or EE?

I will of course play through BG2 first, but it's nice to gather some info so i'm prepared :)