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So, from what ive read here the current version that you get from GOG is 1.35, where as the one my friend bought, from another digital distributer is 2.6.001

Wondering if i could find the patch 2.6.001 and just install it to bring mine up to date with his? does it matter for playing together in multiplayer?

Appreciate any help
This question / problem has been solved by pbmacrosimage
The Version from gog has the newest patch available.

You can see this by checking the installation directory for a file named ReadMe_addon_patch.txt
which starting line contains "Throne of Bhaal Patch Version 26498"

I can't relate 2.6.001 to a specific version, just let your friend check the file too.
If he hasn't got the newest version, you should be save, if you host the game because the multiplayer fixes mostly address issues of the host.
Hey, thanks mate! sorry i had the wrong info on patch, i searched through topics so hopefully wouldnt have to make a redundant post. Im glad they are up to date. cheers!