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Hello all! We have just released a mod that includes a new playable NPC. It includes four new missions in Shadow of Amn along to many new items, summons, spells, allies, and enemies. We hope you enjoy it!

You can download the latest version from here
And read the general description of the mod here

Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or bugs in the thread. You can also raise any issue in GitHub

Currently the mod is available in English and Spanish.

PS: find some screenshots in the attachments.
001.jpeg (257 Kb)
002.jpg (262 Kb)
003.jpg (211 Kb)
004.jpg (212 Kb)
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Version 0.9.1 is here!

What's new?
- Edited (nerfed) several items for a better game balance
- Fixed several translation issues
- Wizard Slayer Set usability fixes
- Removed AMTGEN01.tra files since they were not needed
- Created a hotkey (K) for solving an issue with dialogs being mixed up

Find attached some useful / interesting stuff about Dusk.
01.png (375 Kb)
02.png (428 Kb)
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