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I'm running BG2+BG1 in the BG2 engine (followed the guide that was on the news feed a while back) and I'm wondering if there is a way to change the save locations. I would like to save to google drive so I can play on two different computers.
don't know how to change the default save path but an (only slightly cumbersome) workaround is to just copy the save folder at the end of each play and move that to your google-drive then copy from there to the other computer's baldur's gate directory save folder.

I *think* the file path for saves is relative (not so for the game 'CD's themselves - but you can change that path in the ini file if you haven't simply installed the game anew on the other machine) so that shouldn't be a problem.
(or if the same install location is used e.g. D:\Games\BG...)

NB: I've used Icewind Dale (same principle) from a USB drive and only had to change the file path in the ini file for the game CDs - the save file location worked automatically so that's why I think the path there must be relative to \Baldur's Gate 2\Save

(depending on how slow your access is to google-drive you could theoretically move the whole game install there (but it'd take a few gigs))
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Just create a symbolic link from your save folder to a folder in your google drive synced folder.
Remember to copy your files to the target folder before you create the link!
Hi Guys,

sorry to necro this thread, but i'm trying to symlink my mpsave folder to a dropbox directory and it's not working.

the "load" page shows no saves if there's a symlink or junction in the place of the mpsave folder :(

anyone got symlink-cloud backup working on the GOG version care to share how they did it?

i've done it using both manual cmd-prompt and the Link Shell Extension method.



okay so the main thing is that you NEED to specify the install to be NOT in program files ... make a C:/games or whatever and install it there. If you don't do this, the symlinks don't fire off and bg2 can't read anything if you have moved your save files.

so to get it working:

1) if you need to reinstall because you put it into default directory, back up your save folders. if not, ignore this step

2) install to C:\games or somewhere that's not program files (or program files x86)

3) copy save folder to desired dropbox folder

4) create symlink in the C:\games\baldurs gate install directory where the save folder usually is (delete the one in the directory if it already exists - after you back it up of course)
I used Link Shell Extension to do the symlinking... much easier than cmd-prompt: - google it. i can't put links in here atm.

this was done with a GOG version of BGII - and ToB


it seems that installing to an alternate directory also means you have to start the game windowed until you're actually playing or it will crash when you click "new game". you can change to fullscreen once in the game though.

every time you start it will require that you start as windowed.
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