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What companions in the Baldur's Gate series do you think give the most entertaining party banter for each of the Baldur's Gate games?

And is there some combo of companions that is best for this (like, a certain companion who's banter gets better in the presence of another particular companion..).
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the best "implied" romance is between Mazzy and Valygar in the basic Bg2 game... there are even some special rules if they see each other hurt in combat

in BG1&2EE i like Edwin and Neera althought you can't take them together in the same party

in Sod i personally think the Neera sub quest is well done but all of them are worth trying
I was talking about regular party dialog, not romance.

So for example, HK-47 from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a character a lot of people like to have in their adventuring party because he's so hilarious even though he sucks in actual combat.
temps: I was talking about regular party dialog, not romance.

So for example, HK-47 from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a character a lot of people like to have in their adventuring party because he's so hilarious even though he sucks in actual combat.
The companions don't say that much in BG1. In BG2 they butt in more often. Tiax is pretty funny IMO.
J Lo: Tiax is pretty funny IMO.
yes the scole of world domination Edwin offers him in BG1 is nice but in Bg2 Mazzy and Valygar is the best and Anomen is the worse but i personally find Aerie more annoying at times
In BG2, Jan Jansen + anybody. ;)
Zaxares: In BG2, Jan Jansen + anybody. ;)
Except Jaheira. She cuts him off :(
The most entertaining ones are actully those that are of the opposite alignment, since they would be throwing insults at each other, there are some unique dialogues between certain characters:

- Ajantis and Xan
- Alora and Edwin/Garrick/Minsc
- Branwen and Shar-Teel/Tiax/Quayle
- Coran and Safana
- Dynaheir and Minsc/Edwin/Alora
- Edwin and Alora
- Eldoth and Shar-Teel/Xan
- Faldorn and Jaheira
- Garrick and Skie/Minsc/Eldoth
- Imoen has none
- Jahiera and Khalid/Xzar
- Khalid and Montaron/Xzar
- Kivan and Viconia
- Minsc and Edwin/Dynaheir
- Quayle and Tiax
- Shar-Teel and Eldoth
- Skie and Eldoth
- Tiax and Quayle/Branwen
- Viconia and Kivan
- Xan and Eldoth
- Xzar and Montaron
- Yeslick and Kagain
Tuthrick: - Imoen has none
She has an interaction with Keldorn in BG2.

Edit: I forgot the one she had with Viconia in ToB.
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Regarding Imoen, I've read that her character was a last-minute addition to BG1. When the developers were towards the end of finishing the game for release and were having it play-tested, apparently none of the play-testers were happy with having evil Montaron as the only thief choice in the early part of the game. So they added Imoen the thief, but because it was so late in the development cycle at that point, they weren't able to give her as much dialogue as the other NPCs.

Funny how she started as a last-minute addition to the game, but ended up being perhaps the most relevant NPC to the entire saga.

Man, I sure hope people remember how special the BG games were. I've never been able to adequately describe what it was about these games that made them so special.

I'm sure BG3 is going to be a great, great game. But it makes me sad that it doesn't at all resemble BG1/2.
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Apparently Imoen was going to get killed off in BG2 as well, and that is why Nalia is basically an exact replica of her. But due to further backlash, they kept her in. And, well, formed the entire story around her lol.

So ye, kind of funny how a character which was never intended, a late edition, ended up being to many people the "main character" alongside your own charname.
Yep the BG Saga is very special.
If you have the BG1NPC project mod installed, Imoen gets a lot of new dialogue, some of it quite funny. I found this hilarious little gem between her and Tiax:

Imoen: TIAX! Behind you! It's Cyric! Your moment of glory has arrived!
Tiax: What!?! Where!?!
Imoen: Ha ha! Made you look!
Tiax: Tiax's destiny will not be mocked by this whelp! A day on the rack for you when Tiax rules! Tiax KNEW you were lying from the start, anyway. When Cyric arrives, Tiax will know, for Cyric shall carve a path of blood and destruction through all of Tiax's enemies before finally placing the crown of rule upon Tiax's awaiting head! All will tremble with fear and beg for their...
Imoen: Tiax!!! Look overhead!!! CYRIC HAS ARRIVED!!!
Tiax: What!?! Where!?!
Imoen: Ha ha! Made you look again! I could keep this up all day!

She also has some amusing interactions with Xan where she keeps trying to change his clothes, hair, and nails to pink and other bright colors to get him to cheer up. She also plays a practical joke on Ajantis and measures Quayle's nose, teasing him about how small it is for a gnome. And she has more funny moments with other companions, too.
Yeah, BG1 NPC project is a great and well-written addition that can and will make some interactions hilarious :)
As for the BG2 - Jan Jansen, Minsc and Edwin had my favorite interactions. Turning Edwin into a woman and going on a quest to look for lost Boo is just priceless.