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I'm planning to install mods beyond BGT and the fix/tweak packs at least eventually, and I'd really rather not have to go back and reinstall the games because of messing up the install order with mods. Does anyone know if there are any mods that absolutely demand they be installed before others? I've also already tried installing some before, which I'm fairly sure I screwed up which prompted me to wipe the slate clean, but I distinctly remember some of the tweak and fix packs having options related to various mods, which confuses me with regards to the common statement that you should install those packs first. I find it a bit difficult to believe that those would work if you installed them before the mods they're meant to connect with.
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Basic rule of thumb - non-WeiDU mods first (since they overwrite files). BG2 Fixpack would follow next. Then what pcamagna calls "atypical content mods" (Ace's Alternate Soundtracks, Improved BAMs), followed by quest/item upgrade/unfinished business mods, then NPC mods, next would be tweak and tactical mods, and finally the Widescreen Mod if you so desire. Check out his thread in the Icewind Dale forum.
<span class="bold">TobEx</span> recommends itself before the BG2 Fixpack, if you want it at all. You may not because it modifies the EXE to do things other mods cannot, but I've found it perfectly stable.
I believe TobEx should go first, but it can go later (as it also comes with SCS I think). There's a thread on the PocketPlaneGroup site that explains not only mod load order, but also how you can (and should) make a backup of key files to make reinstallation and bug fixing MUCH easier.